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MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling: Company Essentials: Q & A Videos

There are 23 videos in this series. Watch each clip to hear expert MLM Attorney Jeffrey Babener explain the background and nuances of the MLM business model. Geared to owners and executives of direct selling companies, these videos offer answers to questions that we receive all the time at the Babener & Associates Law Firm.

Mr. Babener is known throughout the world as a specialist in the legal and business matters of multilevel marketing. He has advised many of the largest companies in the world and written books for and lectured to distributors throughout the world. Learn about the industry from the inside out, and maximize your chances for successful business.


Is the Compensation Plan the Driving Force of Success?



What are the Top Two Reasons Why Direct Selling Companies Fail?



How Important is Recruiting to MLM Company Success?



What is Importance of Merchant Account/Payment Solutions Processing?



Who are the First Key Hires for a MLM Company?



Should our Company Launch Locally or Launch Nationally Immediately?



What is the Driving Force of Success for a MLM Company?



Why Do Distributors Join MLM Companies?



Why Do Distributors Stay with MLM Companies?



Has Corporate America Discovered MLM?



What is MLM's History with the Government?



What is the Driving Force of Success for a MLM Company?



Should a MLM Company Launch Internationally Immediately?



Is the MLM Industry "For Real" in the Business World?



What is the Role of Experienced MLM Legal Counsel?



Is a MLM Lawyer a Typical Lawyer?



What is the Relationship between MLM and the FDA?



What is the Relationship between MLM and the FTC?



What is the Direction of State Regulation of MLM?



What are the Central Tax Issues for MLM?



Is it Appropriate to Pay Commissions on Sales Tools and Training?



Do Different Compensation Plans and Products Receive Different Legal Regulation?



How does a Business Lawyer Become a MLM Lawyer?


The articles, analyses, cases, legislative material and other content of MLMLEGAL.com are intended solely for general information, discussion and education. The contents should not be regarded as legal advice. For advice on specific legal and tax matters, always be sure to contact competent direct selling or multilevel marketing legal or tax counsel.

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