Been There - Done That

Experience Counts

Start Me Up!

Startups - It's our middle name.

For nearly three decades, we have assisted hundreds of startups - probably more than everyone else put together.

Some of our more famous startups: Melaleuca, USANA, Quorum, BodyWise, Shaperite, Kaire, Network 2000, Envion, Matol, MLM divisions for Home Shopping Network, ServiceMaster, Fuller Brush...

The Business World Looks To Us...

We've been interviewed by and written for the best:

Direct Selling News (more than once), Inc., Money, Atlantic Monthly, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Entrepreneur, Business Start-Ups, Success, Wealth Building, Success from Home, Money Maker's Monthly, Home Office Computing, Upline, Family Circle, Home Business, Direct Sales Legaline...

Educating the Industry

Conference Sponsor:

~Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company

~University of Texas Academic Conference

~Lecturer at Numerous DSA and MLMIA Conferences

At the Crossroads of Policy

~The DSA - Lawyer's Council, Government Relations Committee, Internet Task Force

~The MLMIA - Legal Counsel, Board of Directors

~ABA - Litigation Section, Antitrust Section

~Oregon State Bar - Chairman, Committee on Judicial Administration

A Library of Books

Yes, we authored:

~The Network Marketer's Guide to Success

~The Tax Guide for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors

~The MLM Corporate Handbook

~Network Marketing: Window of Opportunity

~And chapters in numerous industry works and textbooks.

Around The World And Beyond

Find our clients on earth, in cyberspace and from satellite in outerspace -

~Operating in more than 130 countries

~Headquartered from Japan to New York, to Paris to Korea, to L.A. to China...

~Millions of distributors

~Billions in sales

Lawyer to the Lawyers

Author of educational articles on network marketing in official State Bar Journals:



~New Mexico


Contributor to proposed legislation in the U.S. and Canada.

The Rich and Famous

Billion dollar legends have tapped our expertise:



~Team National




~Discovery Toys

~Cell Tech

~Fuller Brush





Articles, Articles, Articles

Some of the hundreds of authoritative articles on network marketing by Jeffrey A. Babener:

Network Marketing: What You Should Know; Is This Network Marketing Opportunity for Real?; The Inside Track on Network Marketing; MLM Earnings, How Much?; Marketing Discount Services; Network Marketing: Is It For You?; New Protection for MLM Distributors; Value Is The "In" Thing; Planning A Great Meeting; Co-op Advertising: Get the Word Out; Network Marketing: Future Opportunities; Successful Long Distance Sponsoring; Networking and Time Mangement; Networking Through Mail Lists; Networkers on the Information Highway; Networking Through Nonprofit; Changing Face of Network Marketing; Investigating a Network Marketing Company; ABC - Three-Way Calling; MLM Earnings Projections; Promote Sales Presentations with Gifts; FDA and MLM; Look for Buy-Back Policies; MLM Pyramid Legislation; MLM Management and Training; Incorporating Your MLM Business; Tax Deductions for Your MLM Home Office; Financing Growth for your MLM Business; FDA Approval for MLM Products; MLM Retirement and Benefit Planning; MLM and Postal Service; MLM and Credit Card Fraud - Be Careful; Your Personal MLM Legal Dictionary; What's in a Name?; MLM Trademarks; Marketing Through Nonprofit Organizations; New Life for MLM Services in Missouri; MLM Statutes: Georgia Adopts Legislation; Electronic Fund Transfers; FTC and Advertising; The FTC Cooling Off Rule; The Business Plan: A Valuable Tool for Success; Missouri's MLM Struggles; The MLM/Franchise; MLM Buyback Rules; Your MLM Home Office and Taxes; Who Owns the Downline?; FDA Nutritional Health Claims; MLM and Sales Taxes, Future of the MLM Industry; The MLM Distributor's Guide to Incorporation; When the Postman Knocks; MLM Taxes: Entertainment Deductions; Network Marketing v. Pyramid Schemes; MLM and Franchising; Organizing Your MLM Business; How Many Levels?; Boost Sales with Nonprofits; MLM National Expansion; MLM to Europe - 1992; Noncompetition Agreements: Enforceable?; MLM in Canada; Underage Distributors; Involving Your Family In Business; MLM Statutes: Washington Continues the Trend; MLM Cross-Sponsoring Rules; Changes in the Marketing Plan; Selling Sales Tools; MLM Sales Taxes and Corporate Taxes: The Multistate Tax Commission; MLM and Business Opportunity Statutes; Buenos Dias Mexico; NuSkin Troubles: Light in the Tunnel; The Saga of MLM Investigations; Earnings Hype - What Can You Say?; Say It Again Sam: Making the Most of Great Press; IRS Audits and Network Marketers; Canada- Welcome-Bienvenu; Proposed FDA Legislation Helps MLM; Network Marketing: Legal Issues; Knock! Knock! It's the FDA; The SEC Awakens; Electronic Fund Transfers; New Rules on Home Office Deductions; State AG's Applaud Industry; Buy-back Standards; MLM Nuraceuticals! - Say What?; NSA Settlement: Enormous Industry Impact; Is the US Postal Service in Your Future?; You Too Can Incorporate; SEC: We Hate Pyramids; Opportunity Goes South: Mexico MLM; FDA v. Health Industry: Showdown; Forget the Saturation Theory; Network Marketing Reaches Maturity; New Proposals for Home Office Deductions; Chasing the Competition; Networkers and Credit Card Fraud; NuSkin and the FTC: A Message on Earnings Claims; Network Marketing Management and Training; Cancel This Sale! The Three Day Rule; Looking for the Right Compensation Plan; Too Young to Play.

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We advise in the areas of marketing, Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), trademarks, regulatory, international expansion, sales tax, distributor relationships, vendor relationships, and so much more.

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Babener & Associates advises MLM companies on a wide range of legal matters as well as serving as an important informed resource on the MLM/network marketing/direct selling industry.

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Babener & Associates is a law firm that represents companies headquartered throughout the United States and abroad.

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