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Here are 62 video clips of Jeffrey Babener explaining common questions (FAQ) commonly asked by owners and executives of MLM/direct selling companies. Mr. Babener is known throughout the world as the U.S. expert in legal and business matters of multilevel marketing. He has advised many of the largest companies in the world and written books for and lectured at universities throughout the world. Learn about the industry from the inside out, and maximize your chances of running successful business.

What’s the Difference between MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plan and Direct Sales?

What Is a “Pay to Play?”

How Much Does It Cost to Start a MLM Company?

How Do I Raise Capital to Start My MLM Business?

What Is the Benefit of Recruiting Experienced Distributors?

What about Gifting Clubs?

Why Do I Need an Experienced Network Marketing Attorney?

What Do I Do with Distributors Who Go Passive (for MLM Executives)?

What Do I Do with Distributors Who Go Passive (for MLM Distributors)?

What Key Factors Determine the Growth of Network Marketing Companies?

Do You Have Some Tips for Generating Network Marketing Leads?

Do You Have Some Tips to Become a Successful Network Marketing Distributor?

Are There MLM Companies That Have Achieved Success on a Low Budget?

Since You Are a MLM Attorney, Why Would You Host the MLM Startup Conference for the Executives of Startup and Existing Companies?

If I’m a New Distributor Then Should I Focus My Selling In Areas Where Other Distributors Are Successful Or Should I Focus On Untouched Territory?

I Own a MLM Company. How Can I Determine Cost of Goods? In Other Words, How Do I Price My Products for Retail, Distributor and Direct-To-Consumer Sales?

Do I Need To Worry about Merchant Account Processing? Should I Have Just One Merchant Account?

If a Sales Kit or Startup Fee Is Several Hundred Dollars, Then Is This Considered “Frontloading”?

How Do I Create a Compensation Plan That Guarantees That I Am Legal?

I’m Starting a MLM Company. I Am Going to Have Distributors Earn Income by Referring Others, Is This Legal?

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Vice President of Marketing?

What Is the Typical Price of an at-Cost Starter Kit in the Industry?

Can I (as a MLM Executive) Pass the Costs of Website Development, Marketing Materials, Etc. Down to Distributors?

How Do I Find Top Distributors?

In an Absolute Nutshell, What Are the Two Main Causes of a MLM Company Failing?

As a Distributor, Can I Use Display Booths to Sell My Company’s Products? Is There a Limit on the Time I Can Spend Selling at a Booth?

In Regards to Event Sales, Such as Fairs, Kiosks, Vending Machines, Etc., Am I Authorized to Sell My Company’s Products at Such Events?

Why Do MLM Companies Require Distributors to Use Replicated Websites Rather Than Distributor-Created Websites?

What about Raising Capital to Start Your Network Marketing Company?

How Many People Would I Need in My Organization to Make Over $10,000?

Are Network Marketing Companies Mostly Moving to All-Digital/All-Online Starter Kits? Can It be Done in a Way That Ensures a High Perceived Value?

What Regulatory Changes Are Affecting Network Marketing Companies?

What Should I Look for in a Company When Choosing Back Office Software?

How Important Are Celebrity Endorsements? Do They Help Marketing or Is It a Double-Edged Sword?

How Often Should Companies Renew Their Policies and Procedures to Make Them Relevant in Today’s Marketplace?

Do You Want to Attract MLM Professionals or MLM Junkies into Your Direct Selling Company?

How Have Raiding Rules Evolved in Direct Selling Contracts and Policies and Procedures?

What Are the Most Important Things to Remember When You Host a Distributor Recognition Event?

Do Incentives Increase Sales? How Worthwhile Are Consultant Incentives?

What Do Startup Companies Think about Long Term Professional Relationships?

What Is the U.S. and International Trend in Recognizing the Validity of Personal Use by Distributors in Pyramid Cases?

What Is the Difference Between Sponsoring and Recruiting?

How Many Levels Deep Is It Legal to Go?

Can You Explain What It Means When Network Marketers Say “Opportunity?"

What Are Unauthorized Earnings Claims?

What Are Unauthorized Medical Claims?

What Is the Importance of the Burnlounge Appeals Decision for Direct Selling?

What Are the Best Ways to Find Leads/Prospects?

What Compensation Plans Do Distributors Generally Prefer?

Briefly Explain the Origin and Operation of the Famous 70% Rule?

What Is the Purpose of the “Cancellation” Language on Retail Customer Purchase Forms?

What Are Some Network Marketing Myths?

What Is Coding and How Does It Work?

Is There a Message to the Direct Selling Industry on Next Steps after the Burnlounge Case on Personal Use?

Are There MLM Company Programs That Help Personal and Professional Growth Within the Company?

What Does a MLM Company Have to Do in Order to Join the DSA?

What Is Significant about a Network Marketing Company Being a Member of the DSA?

What Products Sell Best through Network Marketing?

Should MLM Companies be Concerned about Market Saturation?

Who/What Is Generally Responsible for the Failure of the Majority of MLM Companies?

What (or Who) are Short Sellers?

How Do I Market a Product, Service or Idea to an Existing MLM Company without Them Stealing My Idea?

The articles, analyses, cases, legislative material and other content of are intended solely for general information, discussion and education. The contents should not be regarded as legal advice. For advice on specific legal and tax matters, always be sure to contact competent direct selling or multilevel marketing legal or tax counsel.

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