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Founding Story
Vision International People Group Public Limited was founded on July 14, 1996.

Vision International People Group Public Limited provides an extensive company outline. The last five years of the company’s history are illustrated as follows:

January 16 – Inauguration Party in Moscow (Russia)
January 19-27 – Grand Voyage to Brazil
February 11-12 – Training session for Masters in Moscow (Russia)
February 12-15 Assembly of Cities in Moscow (Russia)
Opening of trading companies in Yerevan (Armenia), Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), Nizhniy Novgorod, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Volgograd (Russia)
April 15 – May 14 – Vision Marathon in Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kharkov, Irkutsk, Warsaw, Hanoi, Sofia, Krasnodar, Tashkent
August 5-6 – Millenium 2006, sales of Millenium Alliance cosmetics start
November 4-26 – Vision Marathon in St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Krasnoyarsk, Ho Chi Minh City, Odessa, Istanbul, Yerevan. Alma-Ata, Prague, Khabarovsk

February 7-17 Grand Voyage to Cuba
February 19 – Training session for millionaires
April 14 – May 20 – Vision Marathons in Minsk, Novosibirsk ) Cologne, Tashkent, Da Nang, Bucharest, Kiev, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Krasnodar
Opening of trading companies in Ufa, Vladivostok, Omsk (Russia), in Da Nang (Vietnam), Baku (Azerbaijan), Donetsk (Ukraine), Belgrade (Serbia)
December 10-16 - Grand Voyage to the Seychelles

March 8-9 – Training session for Millionaires' Club in Budapest
March 22-23 - Training session for Millionaires' Club in Krasnoyarsk
March 23-24 - Training session for Millionaires' Club in Moscow
June 7-8 – Vision's 10th anniversary in Kiev
September 6 – President's Grand Reception – Star Party
September 7-14 – Grand Voyage to Tunisia
November 22 – opening of a trading company in Samara (Russia)
December 2-12 – Grand Voyage to South Africa

January 31 – February 1 – European seminar in Warsaw
February 22-23 – Training session for millionaires in Moscow
July – sales of S2C commence
September 2-12 – Vision Voyage Cruise (with opening the representative office in Finland)
November 6 – opening of the representative office in Lisbon
December 12 – opening of the Vision Egypt trading company

February 22-23 – the first major business forum in the NetWork Revolution series held in Moscow

Impact on the Industry

Discussion of Products
Vision International People Group Public Limited offers health and nutritional supplements, cosmetics, bracelets, and tea. The company’s Biologically Active Food Supplements offer optimal vitamin and mineral complex created out of the components in well-known medicinal plants. All of the ingredients that make up the Biologically ) Food Supplements are exclusively of natural phytogenic origin, making them active for all consumers. A wide variety of these supplements are offered by the company.

Discussion of Opportunity
 To join the company, prospective distributors must be 18 years of age or older and hold an internal passport or another official ID. Training is offered through the participation in online product presentations. Distributors are offered a replicating website, personal account and free marketing materials.

Vision International People Group Public Limited offers the following marketing plan for distributors:

Vision International People Group Public Limited

Vision International People Group Public Limited

Vision International People Group Public Limited

Vision International People Group Public Limited

Vision International People Group Public Limited

Vision International People Group Public Limited

The company presents the following career plan:
The Company's Career Plan is built on the basic VIP qualification.

VIP qualification

For gaining the VIP qualification it is necessary on the month's results to:

  • be an Active distributor (the amount of orders - 190 CV and more);

  • have five or more distributors at the distributor's organization first level with purchases of 95 CV and more;

  • attain the overall turnover by the first-level distributors of 950 CV and more.

Vision Career Plan Matrix


  First line terms

  Number of

  Turnover in 1 qualifying branch  

  CV amount in 6 levels  

  Terms for closing qualification   





3 800

1 month




3 800

15 200

2 months




5 700

28 500

3 months




7 600

45 600

4 months




9 500

76 000

5 months

VIP Master



11 400

114 000

6 months

* Qualifying branch is a group of distributors with the aggregate turnover in its six levels necessary for meeting the requirements of a certain qualification.

Two concepts are used as the basis for Vision Career Plan:

«Being in the qualification», that means having the structure corresponding to certain qualification requirements in the current month. The Infinity Bonus is assigned to all distributors who in a certain month were in the VIP 1S and higher qualification.

«Closing the qualification», that means sustaining ) the structure corresponding to a certain qualification for a definite period of time specified for each qualification.

At closing the qualification the Distributor is awarded the merit badge relevant to his/her closed qualification. The merit badge is presented at a special Recognition ceremony at the Company's events.

For each closed qualification the Company presents a special set of symbols corresponding to that qualification.

The company also offers information regarding its Loyalty Program:

Actively purchasing, actively signing up novices, actively participating in seminars, in training sessions, in the Company life as a whole – this is what distributors for Vision accomplish every day in order to develop their successful and profitable business. And the Company appreciates their loyalty and their work. On June 1 the Loyalty Program has been launched that everyone can join in any month, starting with June 2012, provided he/she has been active in the current month.

A distributor is deemed active when his/her personal purchases amount does not fall below 190 CV. On the first month results, an active distributor gets 5% of the amount of his/her orders.

Subsequently, the interest accrues to his/her account pursuant to some simple rules.
First – with the continued activity the distributor gets 5% of the monthly personal orders amount.
Second – should the amount of the distributor's personal purchases fall below 190 CV, the amount in his/her account does not change – there is just no interest accruing.
Third – with no orders in 6 months all prize CV are lost.

A special privilege is in store for the novices who join the Program. Encouraging their daring and active start, the Company, for continuous activity in the second, third and fourth months, will assign 10% of the personal purchases amount in the current month to the account instead of 5%.

But not only novice distributors get additional incentives from Vision. There is also an additional opportunity for recruiters to get prize CV. Each month an active distributor will get to his/her account 5% of his/her first-line novices' turnover.

As of June 1, the prize CV can be spent on the products in the Company's range as a part of the order amounting to at least 95 CV or with an order for 95 CV already placed in that month.

If you work and build your business actively, you will not have to make any additional efforts to participate in the Program. Just continue working and the Company will say "Thank You." Our appreciation is your 5%.

Additional information about the company bonuses and compensation is ) available on its website.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
Vision International People Group Public Limited supports thousands of distributors in dozens of countries. The company also has over 30 ) official representative offices and modern trading companies in Russia, Europe and Asia.

Company Website:

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