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Founding Story
Amazon Herb Company was founded by John (www.mlmlegal.com) Easterling  in 1990 and is located in Jupiter, Florida.

In December of 1992, the company made their products available to a wider audience by introducing a multi-level network-marketing format.

Amazon Herb Company merged with TriVita in 2012 and now operates under that company name.

Impact on the Industry
Network Marketing Today has voted Amazon Herbs a top-ten company in network marketing for three years in a row. The company is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, American Herbal Products Association, American Botanicals Council, Multi-Level Marketing International Association, and the Direct Selling Association.

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Discussion of Products
When the opportunity arises, Amazon Herb uses raw herbs acquired from the 'curanderos' or the traditional medicine men of the (www.mlmlegal.com) various Amazon Tribes that the company works with on a regular basis. Amazon Herb utilizes a lab in Brazil and Peru to verify the identity, quality, and purity of each plant. The botanicals are then dried, shredded, and packed into fiber barrels then shipped to the United States. All shipments are inspected and cleared by U.S. Customs, Department of Agriculture, and the FDA. All products are imported, processed, and sold as dietary supplements. The products also fall into the food category to meet FDA standards. After going through this process, the products are inspected at the company's lab and then re-examined by the FDA. The final approved materials are sent to the distribution center in Jupiter, Florida.

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Amazon Herb offers nutritional products, skin care, and teas. TriVita sells all of Amazon Herb Company’s products.

Discussion of Opportunity
 There are three ways to earn income with the company. TriVita presents the following compensation plan:

You’ll really benefit from our simple but generous sales and marketing plan
We believe sharing wellness with others should be handsomely rewarded. In fact, we are so dedicated to rewarding our Affiliate Members who share our products with others that we offer one of the highest sale bonuses (70%) in the Direct Selling industry.

In addition, our TriVita Sales and Marketing Plan is a proven business model that’s designed to maximize rewards for efforts expended and provide both immediate and ongoing income.

3 different ways to earn compensation
This unique income earning opportunity also provides you with 3 primary ways to earn compensation as a TriVita Affiliate Member:

  1. Your Personal Customer Base
    As an Affiliate Member, you will receive a unique 8 digit ID number. This is used to link all sales to you from people you recommend TriVita products to – whether they place orders by phone, fax, mail or website.

    For each new member you refer that purchases products, you will earn a generous up-front bonus. These bonuses are paid weekly. All subsequent orders placed by Members you personally refer will then earn you residual compensation for the lifetime of that member.

  2. Co-Advertising-Generated Customers
    Our Co-Op Advertising program is another great way for you, as an Affiliate Member, to expand beyond your personal warm market. Through our Co-Op Advertising program, you can acquire already paying customers (not leads) that you can follow-up with in order
    (www.mlmlegal.com) to create a larger personal customer base. How this works:

    We continuously run advertising that promotes our TriVita products in different forms of media, including television, radio, websites and print publications. People from the general public then respond by placing orders and we put all of these folks in one large pool of advertising-generated customers. And finally, as an Affiliate, you can buy the life-time compensation rights to these customers and have them placed directly under you – which means you’ll earn income generated from their product purchases for life.

  3. Income Overrides and Bonuses from Your Affiliate Group’s Sales
    Over time, it’s likely that some of your referrals will want to join our Affiliate program themselves. When they do, they’ll generate their own referrals through recommendations and Co-op Advertising buys (numbers 1 & 2 above). When this happens, you’ll also earn income from each and every one of the purchases made by these other referrals, for life – even though you’ve never met these other people or had anything to do with them. As this grows, you can qualify for a range of different bonus compensation payouts based upon your career path status and the growth of your Affiliate group.

Even more financial benefits for you
As you progress with your TriVita Business and advance in the career plan, you can earn bonuses that correspond with your level of advancement. You’ll not only earn compensation, but also special recognition as a leader in TriVita. Some of the additional benefits include travel award funds to fun and exotic destinations, registration discounts on key training events, invitations to private functions with corporate leadership and much more.

How you get paid
Under our Affiliate Program, we handle all the details of tracking each and every one of your customer’s product purchases and crediting your Affiliate account for payment. Then,
(www.mlmlegal.com) depending upon the type of purchases your customers are making, we pay you... weekly... monthly... or even both. And there are two very convenient ways you can choose for receiving your compensation payments – either through:

  1. Your official TriVita Visa® Prepaid Debit Card*

  2. Or through direct deposit to your existing checking or savings account.

Quick and easy payments – it’s another benefit you receive through our Affiliate program.

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For additional information, one must contact the company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
TiVita operates in the United States and (www.mlmlegal.com) internationally.

Company Website: http://www.trivita.com


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