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Founding Story
Savings Highway ( ) is an American-based company that is five years old. The company is located in Athens, Georgia.

Impact on the Industry

Discussion of Products
Savings Highway helps customers save money and get out of debt. The company offers money-saving products such as the Entertainment Book Online, Aetna Dental, Coast 2 Coast Vision, Legal Club of America, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, Points of Care Health Discounts, Home Business Tax Savings, VIP Vacations, as well as magazines and gifts.

Discussion of Opportunity
Savings Highway offers the following reasons why one should join the company:

It's a Free Affiliate Plan. No cost to join and start earning ( today.

Up to 65% commissions payout with bonuses.

Lucrative Cash Bonuses up to $20,000 monthly

Unlimited Income with Infinity Global Profit Sharing

Multiple Income Streams with a variety of products and services

Absolutely no purchase required to earn commissions. Only buy what you want

Leads and other marketing services can be sold to anyone in the home-based business industry

Continually expanding product line creates more income opportunity within your existing network

We constantly follow up with new communications to help make sales for you

Marketing services in place to make enrollments for you

Savings Highway offers the following compensation plan overview:

Your Global Infinity Corporate Profit ( Sharing.

We place 5% of all Store Product Sales excluding Upgraded Memberships into our Corporate Profit Sharing Revenue Pool.

At the end of each month, these profits are calculated and divided among the qualifying Affiliates. Profit shares are paid 2 months after qualifications have been met.

This means you have the opportunity to earn monthly commissions from all of the product sales in the company, no matter which Affiliate makes the sales, worldwide, even if they are not in your personal referral network!

For the first time ever, you could earn from the entire company!

Getting Started for free.

It's free to become a Savings Highway Affiliate. First, register for free as a member. Then
( send in your Independent Representative Agreement by fax, online help desk or physical mail. We require a physical signature to help reduce fraud and protect our members and Affiliates. Upon joining, each member may start referring others to join for free and/or upgrade and purchase products and services. Commissions earned are released as soon as the affiliate application has been received and approved by the home office.

Levels of Qualifications


Has made referrals who have purchased any upgraded memberships or other products or services.

Affiliates receive 2 generations of commissions.

Bronze Affiliate:

Has referred members who have purchased at least $50 in Memberships or other products or services in a calendar month.

Bronze Affiliates qualify for 3 generations of commissions in the following calendar month.

Silver Affiliate:

Has referred members who have purchased at least $100 in Memberships or other products or services in a calendar month.

Silver Affiliates qualify for 4 generations of commissions in the following calendar month.

Gold Affiliate:

Has referred members who have purchased at least $200 in Memberships or other products or services in a calendar month.

Gold Affiliates qualify for 5 generations of commissions in the following calendar month.

Platinum Affiliate:

Has referred members who have purchased at least $300 in Memberships or other products or services in a calendar month.

Platinum Affiliates qualify for 7 generations of commissions in the following calendar month.

Simple way to maintain Platinum Status 

By referring others who purchase recurring monthly products, you can continue to maintain top level Platinum Affiliate Status. For example, 3 professional memberships and 1 recurring product such as slim1, green fuel tabs or other health and beauty product purchased by your generation 1 members would qualify you for platinum status, and since these are products are automatically repurchased on a monthly basis, you would maintain Platinum status for as long as the subscriptions were active. Likewise, 1 purchase of any product over $300 made by your generation 1 members would also automatically qualify you at the Platinum
( Affiliate level for the following calendar month.

Automatic Platinum Status Free in your first month

The first calendar month when a member enrolls, they are granted Platinum Status for that calendar month so they can earn all 7 generations of commissions. They then have until the end of that month to produce sales in order to maintain platinum status. Our computer system will analyze and total the generation 1 membership purchases and store products purchased in a calendar month and automatically change the Affiliate Level of the Affiliate based on their previous month's qualifications.

How to qualify for monthly Cash Bonuses

All Cash bonuses are paid in cash 2 months after they are earned. If the qualification is maintained, the bonus will continue to be paid month after month. Only 1 Cash Bonus is paid to any 1 Affiliate for any calendar month. Cash Bonuses will only be modified in the event that we feel not enough Affiliates are reaching them or if they encroach upon the longevity of the corporate structure. It is our intention to reward those who help us grow in the most lucrative ways possible.. Generation 1 sales refers to upgraded membership purchases and product purchases made by those an Affiliate has personally referred. Generation 2 sales refers to purchases made by anyone who was referred by a Generation 1 member or Affiliate. Generations 1 through 7 refers to total group purchases made through an Affiliates first 7 Generations. Personal purchases do not count towards requirements for a specific Generation 1 Affiliate. Group qualifications on Generations 1 through 7 may not have more than 40% of the purchase volume under any one Affiliate. Any personal purchases create commissions for the Affiliate who has referred the member who is making the purchase.

Using Savings Highway to build other businesses

Unlike many companies in the industry of home-based business, we applaud anyone who is making an effort to succeed in a home-based business to enhance their lives and the lives of others. That's why we offer products and services that may be used to help members of other companies to build their existing businesses. We also do not believe in the philosophy shared by so many companies in the industry that an independent representative should not build other incomes. At Savings Highway, we believe an Independent Representative is just that, Independent and they are free to promote any company, business, product, service or opportunity they like as long as it is legal and ethical. Therefore, we encourage you to join Savings Highway and use our tools, leads and other services to build your existing business if you already have one. And if you don't join us now and start your business for free.

Increasing Your Multiple Income Streams

Our Professional and Business Memberships are our flagship products. We have worked for years to put together and combine the best of the best memberships worldwide and we know the value is there. If you are not yet convinced, just take the Savings Highway Challenge so you can prove it to yourself. Then join, upgrade and start using the benefits so you can keep more of your hard earned money. Your
( next step is to get the word out. You can do this by posting on social networks, using our simple invitation system, sending emails, texting or just making simple phone calls to give away a free membership.

Using our marketing service like leads with auto-dialing to build your business and income

You can also choose to purchase our services where we find leads for you, dial them for you, email them for you and help you to build your business. Regardless of which method you choose, you will have an ever expanding catalog of cool, cutting-edge and in-demand products and services to market and earn commissions with. At Savings Highway, we're always on the lookout for new products that will help people. We even allow our members to submit products and services they may have that could be a benefit to others. So get started now and build your network, because you never know when someone in your network is going to upgrade or start purchasing a product or service that can help you earn monthly commissions and increase your income.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
Savings Highway operates in the U.S. and abroad.

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