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Founding Story
Prestige Travel Systems is located in Tampa, Florida and was established in 1988.

Impact on the Industry
Prestige Travel Systems boasts the following awards ( and recognitions:

Royal Caribbean International
2010 Southeast Region Travel Partner of the Year
Carnival Cruise Lines
Winner's Circle Award & Pinnacle Club
FunJet Vacations
500 Club Travel Agency Rising Star Award
Pleasant Holidays
Top Account
Appreciation Award
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Captain's Club Award
Apple Vacations
Premier Apple & Golden Apple Awards
Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises
Top Producer Award

The company states that it is one of the fastest growing travel companies in North America. Prestige Travel Systems also states that “combined with its' cruise operations is one of the largest licensed, bonded and accredited travel companies in the Unites States.”

Discussion of Products
Prestige Travel Systems offers discounts on travel, cruises, tour packages, and hotel and car rentals for those who travel.

Discussion of Opportunity
Distributors receive the following ( opportunity:

Starting at $125, our Independent Travel Agent program includes complete start up and training.  Travel is one of the fastest growing segments on the Internet.  New technology has allowed independent travel agents to access computerized reservations systems (CRS) through the Internet from their home.  As a home based travel agent and a member of the Prestige Travel Network, you can begin enjoying commissions income, travel benefits and an independent lifestyle working right out of your home or office on a part-time or full-time basis.  The choice is yours, but whatever your expectations, we want to help you make them a reality.

Many people are attracted to the travel business because they want to experience the excitement of the travel industry, gain additional income and qualify for travel benefits.  In order to accomplish this, some people pay $50,000 or more to purchase a retail travel agency to obtain nearly the same income potential and benefits that you can have with a home, office or web based agency affiliation with Prestige Travel Systems to become a travel agent and operate your own independent travel business.

Prestige Travel Systems offers the Xcelerated Travel Professional Program, which comes with the following benefits:

  • Our Level I - V Comprehensive Training Package

  • 60% Share of Commission

  • NETAdvantage Program Activation Fee

  • & More!

The company offers the following information regarding its compensation plan and income opportunities:

  • Travel Sales - Receive commission for cruises, tour packages, airline tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodations, rail and travel insurance for all travel personally sold or referred to our Reservation Center.

  • Travel Incentive Certificates - Prestige Travel Systems is one of the leading suppliers of high quality travel certificates for mortgage and real estate companies, car dealerships, as well as corporate employee benefits.  Prestige agents earn commissions for direct or referral ( sales.

  • Internet Travel Website - We can provide you an internet travel website, which provides travel booking engines, a lead manger system to track site users and trip requests and much more!  You can work directly with your clients or they can be routed to our reservation center.

  • Passport to Travel Club - Allows you to offer club memberships to attract new clients.  Lifetime membership provides yearly benefits including a 7 Night Cruise on major cruise lines and a 7 Night Condo Vacation at worldwide resorts.   Additional benefits include complimentary hotel stays and companion air fares.  You can earn up to 100% commission of membership fees and 30% commission earned from members travel.

  • Preferred Customer Card - Your start up package includes Preferred Customer Cards which you can distribute to potential clients.  Each card tracks your Agent I.D. number to assure you will receive your share of commissions earned.

  • Referral Program - Prestige Travel Systems agents are also eligible to earn income for referring clients to the Prestige Travel Club, and for people who are not your travel clients who you refer to the Travel Agent Program.  

Prestige Travel Systems offers the following membership levels:

Membership Levels...

Cost $125 Includes the following:

   * Affiliation as a Level I (Introductory) Independent Travel Agent with Prestige Travel
    * 30% of commission earned on all travel bookings
    * Operations Procedures Materials & Course covering Travel Sales,
      Agency Operations & Reservations
    * Two hour operations training DVD and audio CD
    * Prestige Travel Agency Identification
    * 800 Number Travel Supplier directory
    * Free subscriptions to industry magazines
    * Network Newsletter
    * Eligibility for travel supplier seminars at locations throughout the U.S.
    * No monthly membership fees
    * 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Advanced Levels II - V...

For those of you who want higher commissions, advanced levels of membership are available. Advanced level self-study training courses II-V are available for $85.00 each .   Each course increases your commission level, enables you to gain more knowledge about the travel industry and allows you to be more active in the booking process. You can earn up to 100% of the commission from our special exclusive Prestige Vacation packages, Passport to Travel Incentive Products and Travel Club memberships.

XTP Program...

The Prestige Travel XTP (Xcelerated Travel Professional) Program is designed
( for individuals who want to expedite the start up of their travel business.  With our XTP Program, you will gain professional, comprehensive training and travel knowledge, and you will be accelerated to earn our highest commission level in the shortest period of time at a reduced price.

The XTP Program includes:

►  Our Level I -V Comprehensive Training Package
►  Immediate 60% Share of Commission
►  NetAdvantage Program Activation Fee
►  Extended Payment Option Available

All for a special price of $349 (plus shipping/handling).  If purchased separately the regular price is $480. That's over 25% off the price if purchased separately! 

With your initial application, you have the option to start your membership at any of the following levels:

BASIC LEVEL II (35%), or

Supplemental DVD Training Seminars
DVD training seminars are now available for advanced level self study
courses for $19.95 each. 

DVD Course                                Length      
Reservations                               1 hour 40 minutes
Cruise Sales & Reservations  2 hours
Sales & Marketing                      2 hours
Tours                                            2 hours

These DVD's provide additional training from instructors and leaders in the travel industry and are and excellent resource to enhance your travel agent training.

Professional Levels VI & VII...

Experienced travel agents who meet established sales volume requirements may qualify for our Professional* Levels VI & VII.
Level VI - 75% Commission  
Level VII - 90% Commission

*Call for additional requirements.

Earn 100% Commission...

Prestige Agents at all Levels I through VII earn 100% of commission for the following products:

    * Exclusive Prestige Vacation Packages
    * PTS Incentive Products
    * Travel Club Memberships

  • Domestic & International Air Reservations
  • Basic Airline Ticketing Procedures
  • Hotel & Car Rental Reservations
  • Rail & Motorcoach Reservations
  • Resort Destinations/Geography for Asia/Middle East, Far East,  Africa, Southeast & Southwest Asia


  • Major Components of the Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Tour Terminology
  • Selling Tours
  • Tour Booking & Payment Procedures
  • Using the Brochure as a Selling Tool
  • Miscellaneous Travel Services - insurance, passports, visas & more
  • Resort Destinations/Geography for U.S. & Canada


  • Telephone Skills
  • Sales Process & Procedures
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Promotion & Advertising
  • Office Organization
  • Resort Destinations/Geography for Western & Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula & Russia


  • Introduction to the major cruise lines, their ships & itineraries
  • Benefits of Selling Cruises
  • How to Sell Cruises
  • How to Work with the Cruise Lines
  • Profiting from Organizing Groups
  • Resort Destinations/Geography for Hawaii/Mexico, Caribbean & The Bahamas, South & Central America


  • Domestic & International Air Reservations
  • Basic Airline ticketing Procedures
  • Hotel & Car Rental Reservations
  • Rail & Motorcoach Reservations
  • Resort Destinations/Geography for Asia/Middle East Far East, Africa, Southeast & Southwest Asia


  • Major Components of the Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Tour Terminology
  • Selling Tours
  • Tour Booking & Payment Procedures
  • Using the Brochure as a Selling Tool
  • Miscellaneous Travel Servies - insurance passports, visas & more
  • Resort Destinations/Geography for U.S. & Canada

How to get started...To experience the excitement, income and benefits the travel industry offers simply purchase online, complete the Network Membership Application or call 1-800-940-8801 You may choose to start at Introductory Level I (30%), Basic Level II (35%) or Intermediate Level III (40%). 

The company offers the following services and programs:

  • Monthly Internet and Quarterly Newsletters loaded with information on discounted trips and travel agent specials as well as sales tips and training.

  • Weekly E-mail/Fax Hotline with latest specials.

  • FAM (Familiarization) trips and cruises offered only to our travel agents. These are designed to acquaint you with various destinations sponsored by hotel, tour companies and cruise lines. These trips are deeply discounted.

  • Special pricing for tours, cruises and airfare

  • On-Line Internet Reservation System.

  • Personal Agency Website.

  • Free brochures and marketing materials.

  • Free online email marketing system

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Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.

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