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Founding Story
Noevir USA, Inc. is located in Irvine, California. Noevir USA, Inc. has an extensive timeline available, which is illustrated as follows:
1964- Noevir's CEO, Hiroshi Okura, establishes J.H. ( Okura & Co. and begins importing aircraft parts.
1971- Begins importing West German cosmetics.
1978- J.H. Okura & Co., Ltd, changes its name to Noevir Co., Ltd. and begins manufacturing and marketing Noevir cosmetics
1979- Noevir USA, Inc. is established in Los Angeles, California.
1981- Tokyo headquarters is established.
1982- Noevir USA, Inc., moves to its new headquarters in Irvine, California.
1983- The Shiga Training Center is established adjacent to the Shiga Factory and the Shiga Research Center, thereby completing the spiritual home of Noevir.
1984- Noevir USA, Inc., becomes a member of the Direct Selling Association. - Noevir USA, Inc., opens its branch office in Honolulu, Hawaii.
1987- Osaka Headquarters moves to the newly opened Noevir Kobe building on Kobe's Port Island.

1988- Noevir stock is registered on the over-the-counter (OTC) market.
1989- Offices are moved into the newly renamed Noevir building in Montvale, New Jersey. 1990- Noevir Taiwan, Inc., is established.
1991- Noevir Canada, Inc., is established in Mississauaga, Ontario.
1993- Noevir's new R&D facility is opened in Montvale, New Jersey.
1996- Noevir Aviation Inc., is established in US. - Convertible bonds valued at over ¥10 billion are issued in Japan.
1998- Noevir Co. Ltd., opens its Tokyo headquarters in Ginza.
1999- Establishment of Kobe Research Center.
2000- Certification of International ( Quality Standards (ISO 9001) for six divisions, including both Shiga Factory and Osaka Factory 1.
2001- Noevir acquires ISO 14001 certification.
2002- Noevir USA Inc., opens its new Showroom in Irvine, California headquarters. - The Minami Daito Island Marine Research Center is established in Okinawa, Japan. - Noevir acquires Tokiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2003- The Suzuka Alpine Plants Research Center is established in Shiga, Japan. - Tokyo Headquarters is relocated from Aoyama to Roppongi.
2004- Noevir issues a ¥10 billion convertible bond ( )on the London Market.
The company offers the following history and story:


Impact on the Industry
Noevir USA, Inc. is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Discussion of Products
Noevir USA, Inc. sells beauty products, which include skin care, cosmetics, body care, hair care, nutritionals, trial packs, men’s products, and special treatment products.

Discussion of Opportunity
Noevir USA, Inc. offers the following information regarding compensation:Retail Profit
Retail the products at a 30% profit. Noevir's Retail Direct Program makes it even easier.

Unit Volume Bonuses
Qualify for monthly bonuses of 12% to 15% based on your total Unit Retail Volume!

Leadership Bonuses
Continue climbing Noevir's Roadmap to Success and earn bonuses of 2% to 10%

As you lead and train others in your organization to become Unit Directors and above, you begin to earn bonuses of up to 10% on up to six generations of qualified directors.

Noevir USA, Inc. offers training events and support services.

The company offers the following compensation plan:

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Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
The company operates in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

In 2011, the company reported net sales of $345 million. In 2010, the company ranked 38th largest global direct selling company with 180,000 salespeople and 1,017 employees in eight markets. In 2010, the company’s net sales were $345 million.

Company website:

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