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Founding Story
MoneyLogic is a membership-based association that helps consumers regain financial control over their lives. The company was conceived over twenty years ago by a group of employee benefits experts and financial services experts.

MoneyLogic is located in Dallas, Texas.

Impact on the Industry

Discussion of Products
MoneyLogic offers a seven-step system – the ML-7 System – which offers an array of tools, resources, services, discounts/savings, income opportunities, professional ) guidance, and support for those looking to stabilize their financial situation. MoneyLogic offers assistance with debt management, online investments, and insurance quotes.

The seven-step system offers the following to assist with financial health:

  • Knowing where you stand
  • Reducing expenses
  • Managing debt
  • Protecting our lifestyle
  • Increasing our savings
  • Increasing our income
  • Reducing stress

Discussion of Opportunity
There are two options to choose from when joining MoneyLogic: 1) The Gold MoneyLogic Membership and 2) The Platinum Membership.

Gold MoneyLogic Membership offers the following benefits to its members:

  1. Money Tracker: with Web and Text command!... Find an extra $200 - $500 a month! (no voice command)
  2. Ask Moneylogic... Professional Financial Counselors
  3. Moneylogic Cash Back Rewards Shopping Mall
  4. Moneylogic Accelerated Debt Elimination Plan
  5. Power Payment Debt Elimination Self Help System
  6. Financial Education
  7. Monthly News Letter - Education Center
  8. Online Investments
  9. Online Insurance
  10. Increase Income Option
  11. Financial Calculators
  12. Access to Professional Services for the Financial ) Distressed:

    Debt Counseling
    Debt Management
    Debt Settlement
    Credit Repair
    Foreclosure Avoidance

Platinum Members receive all the benefits of the Gold Plan while also receiving The Financial Protection Plan.

The MoneyLogic Financial Protection Plan includes the following:

Family Legal Services
Every year 1 in 2 families will require the services of an attorney. Moneylogic Legal Services will provide 9 free legal services, eight deeply discounted services on commonly used services.
Free family will, Free living will
Nine Free legal Services:

  1. Unlimited phone consultations for new legal matters
  2. One-on-One consultations for new legal matters
  3. Attorney review of independent legal documents (6 page max.) per new matter
  4. When appropriate, network attorneys will write letters on member's behalf
  5. When appropriate, network attorneys will make phone calls on member's behalf
  6. Assistance in solving problems with government programs such as welfare INS
  7. Assistance with small claims court representation
  8. Free simple will with annual updates
  9. Additionally, members have online access through the website to prepare a free living will (advance healthcare directive)

$1 Million Dollar I D Theft Protection.
I D Theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Currently, there is a new I D Theft every 3 seconds.
Free Fraud alerts are requested on your behalf to the major credit bureaus - when anyone tries to use your credit the merchant is advised to take extra precautions to verify it's you and only you making the request.

  • A reduction in junk mail.
  • Fewer pre-approved credit card solicitations.
  • WalletLock™ assists you in the event your wallet is lost or stolen.
  • eRecon™ searches for your information being sold or traded online.
  • TrueAddress™ notifies you when a change of address is filed in your name.
  • $1 million total service guarantee - if your identity is stolen while you're a client, we will do whatever it takes to recover your good name and spend up to $1 Million to do it.

Personal Tax Service
Tax Program including: Counseling, advice ) as well as

  • Unlimited advice on federal taxation
  • Free tax return preparation for forms 1040 EZ, 1040A and standard 1040
  • Deep discounts on numerous other tax schedules
  • IRS audit assistance
  • Tax planning
  • Review of prior year's tax return
  • Member portal with tax tips, tax law changes, member advice and much more

Tax Relief
Let our professional Tax Relief specialist deal with the IRS for you. Free initial assessment

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