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Founding Story
Saladmaster is located in Arlington, Texas and was established in 1946. Harry Lemmons began the operation of the Company in January of 1947 with a capital of $9,000. With that, he purchased inventory, office equipment and sales prizes. At this point, his Company had only one product, which was the Saladmaster Machine. By the end of the first year, he had three salesmen and 100 distributors. This growth required him to (www.mlmlegal.com) move his production out of his home and into a new facility at 4503 Worth Street in Dallas, Texas. There he stayed for the next two years.

Saladmaster offers a brief history that is illustrated as follows:

In 1949, Harry bought a new building at the cost of $50,000 at 131 Howell Street in Dallas. That is where the Company remained for the next 43 years.

In 1950, Harry introduced the Mirror Masterbuilt Aluminum Cookware that included the vapor-valve in the covers. He was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

In 1952, the Company introduced 18-8 (3-ply) stainless steel cookware and other products like Bavarian China, Leaded Crystal, Stainless Flatware and stainless cutlery.

In 1982, Saladmaster introduced T-304 (5-ply) Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware.

The Company was growing so significantly that in 1992, they had to relocate to Arlington, Texas.

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In 1994, they introduced the T-304/316L (7-ply) Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware.

Impact on the Industry
Saladmaster is a member of the Direct Selling Association. In the 1970s, the Company was listed among the Texas top 100 corporations. In 1979, Regal Ware bought Saladmaster.   

Discussion of Products
Saladmaster sells complete cooking systems including sets of pots and pans. It also sells bakeware, electrics, roasters, sauce pans, skillets, woks, bowls, cutlery and kitchen tools, griddles, racks, and inserts. Saladmaster’s website also offers a full list of recipes.     

Discussion of Opportunity

Representatives receive recognition through the following programs:

  • World Champ (Top Personal Sales for Consultants)

  • Diamond lapel pins (Top Group Sales for Dealers)

  • 7-Star Silver and (www.mlmlegal.com) Gold (Growth and Sales for Dealers)

  • Spirit of Success pins (Sales and Recruiting Achievement for Consultants)

  • Master Dealer Rings, Jackets, and bonuses (Superior Group Sales, Recruiting for Dealers

Representatives receive travel and merchandise incentives that include:

  • Master Dealer Conferences

  • All Star Travel Club, for reps and their consultants

  • Dealer and Consultant Contests sponsored by Saladmaster for Reps and their consultant to win

  • Company sponsored contests and incentives for the entire Dealership to win.
Saladmaster offers other incentives that include:

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  • Best Lead Programs available in direct sales: Cash & Travel Cards for 2, Salad Cutting, career opportunity leads provided to consultants by Saladmaster, etc.

  • Open territory for expansion.

  • Star System Manual. (Blueprint for Reps to develop their business step by step.)

  • Group Manager's and Distributor's Manual (Job descriptions for these high level positions within a Dealership)

  • Industry-leading, full color World of Opportunity Magazine (Excellent recognition and recruiting tool)

  • Advanced business management systems including the "Dinner Show" Coordinator System, the Open House Recruiting Program, and the Recruiter/Training Coordinator

  • Power Point recruiting presentations

  • Personal Growth and Development Seminars with Internationally known speakers and seminar leaders

  • Field Sales Management and Business support from a team of the most successful executives in the industry

  • Online Customer Service Support and Dealer product ordering.

The company offers the following career advancement opportunities:


Since most Associates have no previous sales experience, your Saladmaster Dealer provides thorough classroom and field training. You'll learn about the many benefits of Saladmaster products, and earn money doing it. A world of opportunity awaits you - including exciting trips, financial rewards (www.mlmlegal.com) and advancement potential.


Once you've learned the basics, your opportunity kicks into high gear as a Saladmaster Consultant. A program of continuing education and many exciting rewards will help to propel you to even greater levels of achievement. You'll learn more about the benefits of sharing the Saladmaster opportunity with others, and begin to reap the financial rewards, which go with this position of importance.

Senior Consultant

As you continue to master the fundamentals of the Saladmaster business, you will be eligible for a promotion to the Senior Consultant. Increased financial compensation and advancement await those who are serious about sharing the company's products and opportunities with others. You'll begin working more with your recruits, thereby building a secure future for yourself and your family.


Distributors in the Saladmaster Spirit of Success program are not only rewarded for the performance of their group, but are trained thoroughly on all aspects of running a complete Saladmaster office. This prepares you for your next career step and the ultimate opportunity - your own Saladmaster office!

Direct Dealer

Get ready to spread your wings! Until now you've worked under the direction of your Dealer. Once you achieve Direct Dealer status, you run your group. You will use your experience to recruit, train and maintain your own sales organization. You purchase product straight from Saladmaster for greater profit margins and become eligible for special incentive programs like the Master Dealer Program, the coveted monthly World Champion Award, and other incentive contests.

Senior Dealer

The pinnacle of success in the Saladmaster business is the promotion to Senior Dealer. This position, earned by achieving a required sales volume, has all the benefits of the Direct Dealer position, plus a purchase discount for even greater profit margins. Senior Dealers are the most respected and successful leaders within Saladmaster.

For additional information, one must contact the company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
Saladmaster operates in the United States, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Guam, Hong Kong, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, (www.mlmlegal.com) South Africa, the United Kingdom, among many others.

Company website: www.saladmaster.com


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