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Founding Story
PartyLite was founded in 1973. It is a member of the Blyth, Inc. family of home fragrances. PartyLite is successful both domestically and overseas.

Mabel Baker was an entrepreneur. In 1905, Baker was teaching home economics at Hyannis, Massachusetts Training School. She started making candles out of Bayberries for her family and friends. After she got home from work she would collect the bayberries and boil the in her barn workshop. The wax would float to the top where she ( then skimmed and refined the wax. The process was laborious as one bushel of berries only made four to five pounds of wax. Baker braided her own cotton wicks and hand-dipped her candles up to 35 times. Her friends enjoyed the candles so much that she received requests to make more of them year after year.

In 1907, Mabel married Walter D. Baker, who owned a retail store named Hyannis Department Store. There, she was able to sell her candles to the public. Within one year, Mabel was selling her candles in other stores in the area. In 1910, a store in Boston bought her entire year's supply of candles from her to sell to their customers.

By the time she received such growth, she decided it was time to upgrade and outsource. She hired others to pick the berries, to make wicks and candles, she added to her home, and expanded her barn.

In 1925, Walter's research led to an entire ( line of solid color candles. This new line meant that people were now able to enjoy candles all year round instead of just on holidays. This also meant that candle accessories were becoming more popular and Mabel's Company became the first company to sell candle accessories.

Mabel died at the age of 94 in 1965 and at that time then business was worth 60 million dollars.

Quality candles follow the tradition of Mabel Baker, a New England schoolteacher and entrepreneur who made candles out of Bayberries in Cape Code in 1905. She named her flourishing company Colonial Candle of Cape Cod.

In 1973, the candle company set up PartyLite in order to sell excess candles from their inventory to gift shops in towns like Hyannis, Massachusetts. The Company began small with three main workers named Ruben Deveau, Charles Lester, and Anne Macinnis. Ruben was the president of the Company, Anne chose the product line and communicated with consultants, and Charles was the financial officer for the firm. Although the three had separate titles, they all worked together on a majority of tasks. Their offices were located in Cordage Park, Plymouth. As the Company grew, they added more employees.

Eventually, ideas became abundant in finding ways to make the Company grow. The Company decided to give cash incentives for selling products and for bringing more representatives to the Company. This PartyLite’s plan grew rapidly, the Company sales doubled within a year of putting the plan into action.

In 1990, Blyth Inc. acquired Colonial Cape Cod and PartyLite. Bob Goergen held the position of Chairman, CEO, and President. In 1992, the Company ( was relocated to a 72,000 square foot building in Plymouth industrial park. The number of employees in 1990 was 40, which grew to over 500 in 2003. United States Regional Vice Presidents now number over 100.

Jim Mannion is now the president of PartyLite U.S. 

Impact on the Industry
In 1992, PartyLite expanded its business to Canada. In 1994, they opened in Germany. In 1996, PartyLite opened in the United Kingdom. In 1997, they opened in Austria, Switzerland, and service to Europe began. In 1998, they opened in France, in 1999- Finland, in 2001- Mexico, in 2002- Australia, and in 2003- Sweden.

Discussion of Products
Every year PartyLite introduces 100 new products to keep the interest in customers and host/hostesses. Today, the Company offers over 400 products to their customers annually. Its candles come in 25 different shapes and smells.

PartyLite also offers linen sprays, candle accessories, tea lights, reed diffusers, lotions, and bath and body lotions.

Discussion of Opportunity
There is no limit to the amount of money a consultant can make. New consultants are offered the following compensation ( opportunity:

  • 25% profit on sales

  • Earn additional 7% profit when monthly sales are $2,000+

To begin as a consultant, one must schedule a starter show, gather orders and then purchase a starter kit.
The company offers the following information regarding its opportunity:
Joining online is the fastest way to get started. If this is for you, please have the following ready:

  • Your Social Security number

  • A valid email address

  • Your credit card ( (we accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

To join the company, one must purchase a starter kit.

For more information, one must contact the company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
PartyLite has tens of thousands of consultants, some of whom make six-figure incomes. In 2010, PartyLite ranked as the 21st largest global direct selling company, with $545 million in net sales, 71,400 salespeople and 1,056 employees. In 2011, the company reported net sales of $500 million.

PartyLite recently bought Two Sisters Gourmet.

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