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Founding Story

Barefoot Books was started in 1993 by co-founders Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland. The idea came when the women wanted to find a way to be close to their children.
Tessa had three children and lived in a farmhouse while Nancy had her second child in 1993, her third in 1995 and her fourth in 1997.

When they started the company they had three books to offer to customers that include; The Myth of Isis and Osiris, The Outlandish Adventures of Orpheus in the Underworld, and The Birds who Flew Beyond Time.

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The motivation behind the books were to inspire children by introducing them to other cultures, improving their appreciation for high-quality art and helping them to enjoy music as well as language at a young age.

In 1996, the company had two million in sales and practically no overhead since they employed only a couple people. In 1998, they brought their business to Manhattan, NY from London. It wasn't economical for Nancy to travel back and forth on business with four children, so in 2000 they closed the NY and London offices and reopened in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2001, they opened a store near Harvard Square. There they performed product testing by asking people to read manuscripts, review covers and sample art. In 2003, they launched home-selling (www.mlmlegal.com) with 650 distributors. Through 2004-2005, the company grew 70%.

Impact on the Industry
Barefoot Books has lowered its impact on the environment by printing the paper their books are made from based on sustainable forestry practices, using boats to ship products instead of planes, recycling paper within the organization, minimizing paper by using mostly phone or the internet for communications, buying office supplies from green manufacturers, using energy efficient light bulbs, minimizing travel, and encouraging employees to "go green.”

Barefoot Books has had extensive media coverage since its founding including the Wall Street Journal and Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Discussion of Products
Barefoot Books offers a variety of educational children's products. Some of the products include storytelling books, craft activities, children's art, writing competitions, music CDs, and storybook CDs.

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Discussion of Opportunity
There are two ways to become an Ambassador with the company, which includes:

Start a home-based business

Earn an immediate profit of 30% on all purchases from the moment you sign up for the Ambassador program. And, with every personal order you place, you will receive an additional 15–20% in Free Gift Allowance.

Market Barefoot Books online

Promote our products through your provided (www.mlmlegal.com) Barefoot Books e-commerce website, as well as your own websites, blogs or social networks and earn 30%.

Create fundraising opportunities

Team up with local schools and charities to host or support fundraising events with your Barefoot Books business and extend your network of (www.mlmlegal.com) contacts.

The company offers the follow ways to earn income by joining the company:

  • 30% discount on all purchases from the moment you sign up for the Ambassador program

  • 15–20% in free products of your choice with each order you place

  • 30% commission on all online orders placed through your marketplace or with your code attached

  • 4–11% of your team members’ sales, with additional cash rewards of up to $3,000 per month!

  • Win rewards and prizes, including original artwork from our books, great gifts and overseas trips

  • Enjoy exclusive access to Ambassador areas of our community forums, with sneak peeks of manuscripts and artwork for new titles and the chance to offer your feedback and ideas in our product development process

The company offers the following kickstart bonuses:

Kickstart Bonus #1

Sell $300 QV in your first 30 days and get this free bonus of colorful books and gifts worth $150.

Kickstart Bonus #2

Sell a total of $600 QV in your first 60 days and get this second bonus kit of beautiful books and gifts worth $150. That’s a total of over $300 in free product if you earn both Kickstart Bonus #1 and #2!

Kickstart Bonus #3

After you reach Kickstart Bonus #2, we have another goal for you! Recruit a new Ambassador in your first 60 days and receive a beautifully branded table runner and a set of tabletop (www.mlmlegal.com) signage, perfect for parties and events. 

The company offers the following detailed outline (www.mlmlegal.com) about its opportunity:

  • 30% Ambassador discount on ALL Personal Sales orders placed by you of qualifying products*.  You can sell to customers for up to the full recommended retail price, equating to 30% profit (or more if purchasing sale items).

  • 15-20% Free Gift Allowance (FGA) on ALL Personal Sales orders placed you of qualifying products*(15% $300 PQV per individual order). FGA is ‘virtual money’ that needs to be ‘spent’ on other qualifying products within the order process in which it is earned (it does not carry over to future orders). Items purchased using FGA should be treated as additional stock and can be used to fulfil customer orders, to add to your stock/display, as samples or a reward for an event host, for a fundraiser book donation .  You and your customers DO NOT earn FGA on online Referral Sales orders, see below.

  • 30% commission for ALL online Referral Sales orders (i.e. orders placed by your customers via your online Marketplace (your version of the Barefoot Books online shop), which carry your Ambassador Affiliate Code (unique ID).  You will receive 30% commission, payable by the middle of the following month, on the net value of your online Referral Sales after any special offer discounts. Please note: Online Referral Sales orders are only possible from within your region (North America OR Europe) and will not be credited from outside of your region.

  • Potential to become Bonus Qualified in any given calendar (www.mlmlegal.com) month and earn a 10-15% Personal Sales Bonus based on Personal Sales and online Referral Sales order volume (PQV).

  • Potential to earn Team and Leadership bonuses and work towards additional challenges/incentives.

  • Potential to earn a Website Bonus Pool bonus, a share in the online referral commission on all customer orders placed at www.barefootbooks.com that are not attached to an Ambassador ID (e.g. these orders have not been placed via an Ambassador’s online marketplace).  This commission will be allocated to Ambassadors at the end of the month, pro-rata based on their own PQV (i.e. Personal Sales orders and online Referral Sales orders) in the month.

* Qualifying products are those available for purchase online intended for resale e.g. books, CDs, puppets, games, puzzles, gift cards (US only). Non-qualifying products include Sales Aids e.g. catalogues, promotional flyers, bags, order forms, products purchased with your Free Gift Allowance (FGA), as well as Starter Kits, Kickstart Bonus Kits and purchases from the Barefoot Books Ambassador Vistaprint store. Discounts are not applied to non-qualifying products as these are always offered at best possible price.

Please note: Personal Sales orders (including products purchased with your FGA) and online Referral Sales orders can be delivered directly to one postal address per order. 

Whether your customers buy from you at a live event or online, you (www.mlmlegal.com) have a number of payment options, namely:

  • Live Events – At your own discretion, your customers can pay you by cash, cheque (payable to you) and/or major credit card (American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover).

  • Online – You and your customers can pay by the major credit cards listed above when ordering online. As an Ambassador, you have the option of applying multiple credit card payments towards a single online Personal Sales order (usually to process customer credit card payments from a Live Event) should you wish.  Any overpayment/overage (the total amount processed for the credit card(s) over and above the items you are ordering) will be reimbursed to you in your monthly commission statement. The following information is required for each credit card used:
    • Credit Card Number

    • Security Code

    • Expiration Date

    • Full name of card holder

    • Customer contact details (telephone number(s) and email address) in case a card is declined

    • Customer address if you are either having the items posted directly to the customer (a separate order is required for each delivery address) or you will post the items on to the customer once you have received them as part of a larger (www.mlmlegal.com) order.

    • Amount to debit from the card

Please note: It is your legal obligation to destroy any credit details you have recorded as soon as these details have been used for the transaction(s) authorised by the customer. Any future orders made by the same customer require you to obtain card details from them afresh.

For additional information, one must contact the company.

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Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
Barefoot Books has surpassed five million in sales. (www.mlmlegal.com) Barefoot Books has hundreds of stallholders. The company states that it operates internationally.

Company Website: www.barefoot-books.com


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