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Founding Story
Regal Ware is located in Kewaskum, WI. Regal Ware launched in 1945 (two weeks before the end of World War II) by James O. Reigle. He began by purchasing the Kewaskum Aluminum Company, which manufactured shell casings for the military. He began using the factory to produce stainless steel sauce pans that he sold door-to-door.  

Regal Ware offers a record of its history which is illustrated as follows:

1950- Product line rapidly expands to include a full line of high quality aluminum cookware and electrics.

1951- The Kewaskum Aluminum Company is renamed Regal www.mlmlegal.com ) Ware, Inc.

1955- Regal Ware revolutionizes the cookware industry with the introduction of colorful anodized accessories.

1956- Regal introduces stainless steel waterless cookware for direct sales.

1960- Regal Ware becomes one of the first companies to feature Teflon® nonstick coated cookware, dramatically changing the way the world cooks.

1964- Regal Ware purchases Buckeye Aluminum of Wooster, Ohio.

1965- James D. Reigle is named President of the company. The PolyPerk® coffeemaker is introduced and, in a few short years, becomes America's best selling percolator.

1967- Regal Ware increases its aggressive growth plans by acquiring the housewares division of Norris Industries in Flora, Mississippi.

1969- The National Aluminum Manufacturing Company of Peoria, Illinois becomes the third major acquisition in the 1960's for Regal Ware.

1970- Building on its lead in fashion cookware, Regal introduces decorative stripes to its wide selection of colored items

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1971- Regal Ware constructs a new Administration Building.

1972- Regal Ware expands manufacturing into Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

1975- Regal Ware becomes a leader in drip coffeemakers, offering a full line of innovative solutions to coffee lovers worldwide.

1976- Regal Ware celebrates production www.mlmlegal.com ) of its 5,000,000th canteen for the Boy Scouts. Boy Scout canteens were one of the earliest products manufactured by Regal Ware.

1977- Regal Ware introduces the Temp Tone® knob, a unique feature in direct sales cookware. 1978- Regal Ware expands its Kewaskum production facility.

1979- Regal Ware acquires Dallas, Texas based Saladmaster, a recognized leader in cookware sales.

1980- The addition of the LaMachine® line of food processors expands Regal Ware's presence in electrical appliances.

1982- Regal Ware signs joint venture with Moulinex SA of France to form Moulinex Regal Virginia, allowing Regal Ware to add the LaMachine® name and motor-driven appliances to its electric product offerings.

1984- Regal Ware acquires Club Aluminum Company of Jacksonville, Arkansas. A Joint venture is initiated with Medina Hermanos LTDA of Bogota, Colombia for the manufacture of stainless steel cookware. Regal Ware purchases the Micro 21 microwave cookware line from Massachusetts-based Raytheon Company.

1985- Regal Ware is among the first to recognize the potential of automatic bread makers and introduces "The Bread Machine by Regal." Regal Ware signs a joint venture agreement with Coronet Housewares, Inc. to form Culinaire Regal of Quebec, Canada.

1986- A joint venture is initiated with Narco Housewares of Farmington, New York. Regal Ware now offers a complete line of storage and kitchen housewares and serveware.

1989- Regal Ware begins a joint venture with InOxven, C.A. in Caracas, Venezuela, to manufacture and market cast aluminum range top cookware. Lufkin International Inc. of Lufkin, Texas is acquired, adding the Imperial Water Filter to the Regal Ware product line. Regal Ware now has a manufacturing presence in 8 states and 4 countries.

1990- Regal Ware's commitment to innovation continues with a patented process to apply a lifetime warranted nonstick coating. A marketing and distribution subsidiary of Regal Ware is opened in Nagoya, Japan; and a similar marketing subsidiary is launched in Korea.

1991- Regal Ware expands marketing efforts in England and Europe.

1992- Jeffrey A. Reigle assumes leadership of Regal Ware as President and Chief Executive Officer. Regal Ware doubles the size of the Jacksonville, Arkansas manufacturing facility to more than 577,000 square feet. Total square footage of manufacturing operations exceeds 1.2 million.

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1995- Regal Ware celebrates its 50 Year Anniversary. A focus on new product development yields the Pizza Pal electric pizza cutter. Arthur Andersen and the Milwaukee Journal name Regal Ware among the top 30 privately-held Wisconsin companies.

2002- Regal Ware acquires The West Bend Company of West Bend, Wisconsin.

2004- The Regal Ware Worldwide(TM) identity is introduced as a visible symbol of the corporation's drive and core values of Integrity, Dedication, Performance, and Pride.

2005- Regal Ware Worldwide(TM) celebrates 60 years of excellence. Regal Ware products are available in more than 100 countries worldwide

Impact on the Industry
Regal Ware is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Regal Ware is one of the largest manufacturers of direct sales stainless steel cookware in the United States. This company also has sent coffee urns (100 cups worth) to units in Iraq.  

Discussion of Products
Regal Ware is a privately-held North American manufacturing company and marketer of house wares; including food preparation with an emphasis on health and nutrition. Some of its products include cookware (stainless steel and aluminum), electrics, premiums and water filtration systems and commercial grade coffee urns. Some of the company's popular brand names include the Seal-O-Matic, Cordon Beu, Classica, Kitchen Nutrition and Regal Ware.

Discussion of Opportunity
Regal Ware sells Lifetime® cookware through a network of direct sales consultants.

The company states that distributors have the opportunity to benefit from the www.mlmlegal.com ) following:

  • Be your own boss; work part-time or full-time

  • Potential to generate high earnings and financial independence

  • Spend more time with family and friends

  • Flexible hours that YOU control!

  • No more worries about layoffs

  • Attend appreciation banquets and award ceremonies

  • Earn exciting trips, awards and cash prizes
The company also offers its associates trips and incentives.

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Distributor and Sales Base
Regal Ware operates in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, www.mlmlegal.com ) Fiji, France, French Guiana, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel and Jamaica. Regal Ware is not a publically traded company. It has thousands of people selling products through direct sales.  

Company website: www.regalware.com

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