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Founding Story
John Nitkowski is the Founder and CEO of ( ) LifesMiracle Group LP. He has over 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry.

Impact on the Industry

Discussion of Products
LifesMiracle Group LP offers health and wellness products including the all-natural skin care product Cellilux, the nutritional product Gammaqui, the energy drink Ionic Fuel, the mineral complex Ionic Sea, among many others. 

Discussion of Opportunity
LifesMiracle Group LP offers distributors a three step prospecting system in which distributors can maintain success, including offering sample The company offers the following compensation plan:

The LifesMiracle Marketing Plan is a revolutionary new approach in the industry that  has made
it easier to build your business for a long term residual income. It accomplishes two important things:

  • It provides a powerful exponential team building model that pays to infinity...
  • While simultaneously generously rewarding the most active in the building process!

Products people need and possibly the easiest to understand pay plan in the industry!

  • Lowest Cost—$39.95 initial enrollment gives you your own website with back office, brochures, welcome letter, 30 day supply of Ionic Sea, plus samples of Cellilux and Nitro3 Caps. OR free one year enrollment with the purchase of a Presidential Starter Pack. Only $9.95 annual renewals on your join anniversary;
  • Lowest Qualifications— $25CV/month Autoship (never increases no matter how much you're earning);
  • Personally enroll 2 members on Autoship— qualifies you for all the payouts in the compensation plan;
  • NO RISK 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee on the products and the $39.95 enrollment;

8 Ways to Earn an Income
Easy to understand

* ways to earn an income with LifesMiracle!You earn at the MaximumCommission Level ( starting day one with your $25CV autoship and two personally enrolled members on autoship.

  • There's NO break away!
  • No monthly website fees!
  • No check processing fees deducted from your commission checks!
  • No end of month volume flushing. If you don't qualify for team cycle commissions in any given month, your volume gets carried over to the next month! (Does not apply to Direct Level Bonuses)

Direct Sales

  • Purchase products at wholesale and resell them at retail with approximately 40% profit.
  • When products are purchased on your replicated website, 100% of the difference between wholesale and retail is added to your commission check.
  • Retail purchases also generate CV (Commissionable Volume) that counts toward your other commissions.

  Case Discounts: You may also purchase products at an approximate additional 40% discount
   (from the lowest Autoship Distributor price) when you purchase the nutritional products in 12-packs.

Direct Sales

A customer who does not wish to become a Member by paying the $39.95 member fee but still wants to order product on a monthly basis may become a Preferred Customer.

  • They save approximately 20% off the retail price.
  • They may cancel at any time.
  • Like your retail customers, 100% of markup from the distributor price is added to your check
  • And that volume counts towards your other commissions.

Direct Sales

Your Team Cycle earnings are based on the CV of all the sales in your organization. The assigned CV of each item is approximately 75% of the Autoship price, and is based on the manufacturing costs, Direct Level Bonus payouts, and the margin for profit for the company and distributors.

  • Earn commissions on every order in your group to unlimited levels! All volume that doesn't qualify for commissions in any given month rolls over to the next month’s pay cycle so you won't lose the commissions on your sales!
  • Team Cycle Commissions are based on a two sided organization that pays to infinity. Your commissions are paid monthly when you’re Active (25CV/month on autoship) AND Bonus Qualified (with two Active, personally enrolled distributors.)
  • If you’re Active with your monthly order but NOT Bonus Qualified, we let your bonus volume accumulate for up to six months until you meet the enrollee requirement. This allows you to get your business up and running while you’re learning the business!

Here’s how the Team Cycling works-- Every order placed on ( both sides of your entire organization accrues CV Points. And every 330CV on one side and 660CV on the other pays out a $50 cycle commission, and then the 330CV and 660CV is subtracted out.

With Team Cycling it’s possible to earn commissions from the efforts of your upline because the most they can have direct to them is two, and those they enroll beyond that may be placed under you, and under those under you— where you and your team can earn commissions on their orders.

You also earn on your own volume— All CV over $25/month goes into the side with the least volume!

Important: Because twice as much volume is being taken from the most active side, you can cycle twice as often for the same amount of volume in the case where one side grows faster than the other! This minimizes the situation where one side becoming overly large because of powerful recruiters in your downline or upline. You can set up your structure in your back office so your new enrollees automatically position into your weakest side so you can be paid on all the volume!

The following Direct Level Bonuses are paid in addition to the Bonuses above. Those you personally enroll are your 1st generation, those enrolled by them your 2nd, and those enrolled by them your 3rd generation. It doesn’t matter how many there are or where they fall in the Team Cycle structure even if they’re hundreds or thousands of levels deep— if you enrolled them they’re 1st generation to you!

Direct Sales

Earn $5-$20 Direct Level Fast Cash Bonuses every time your personally enrolled people purchase any of the Presidential Packages! These are popular nutritional packs of multiple products offered at discounted prices. You must be Active (on $25CV autoship) to qualify:.

  • You earn a $10 Direct Level Bonus for everyone you enroll with the $39.95 Start up Pack.
  • You do not have to be Bonus Qualified for these Bonuses!

Direct Sales

When you’re on Autoship for one of the Presidential Packs, your Direct Level Fast Cash Bonuses double every time those you personally enrolled purchase any of the Presidential Packs! You must be Active (on $25CV autoship), and Bonus Qualified, (personally enrolled 2 people on 25 CV Autoship for any product):

Your Enrollees must still be on active Autoship for their Presidential Packs on the last calendar day of the month to qualify for the Double Direct Bonuses.

Direct Sales

Earn Direct Level Team Generation Bonuses on all our Air and Water Machines. You earn a minimum of $30 up to $600 every time a unit is purchased to three generations deep.
You need to be Active but not Bonus Qualified to qualify for this bonus!

Direct Sales

You also earn 20-20-10% Direct Level Team Generation Matching Bonuses on Team Cycle Commissions through three generations, regardless of where they’re placed in your Team Cycle structure! You need to be both Active and Bonus Qualified for this bonus—

  • 20% Matching Bonus of the Team Cycle Commission commissions of your ( 1st generation
  • 20% Matching Bonus of the Team Cycle Commission commissions of your 2nd generation
  • 10% Matching Bonus of the Team Cycle Commission commissions of your 3rd generation

Direct Sales

Earn a Direct Level Executive Bonus of 10% of your 1st generation enrollees when their personal CV volume gets to $1500 per month for two consecutive months, and every month thereafter when they maintain that volume.

This bonus pays a minimum of $150 up to $250 /month after which you qualify for the 20% Executive Bonus.

Earn a Direct Level Executive Bonus of 20% of your 1st generation enrollees when their personal CV volume gets to $2500 per month for two consecutive months, and every month thereafter when they maintain that volume.This bonus pays a minimum of $500 up to $1000 per month.

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Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.

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