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Founding Story
Kat’s Coffees & More ( www.mlmlegal.com ) launched in September 2002 in Acampo, CA. The original company was started by Kathleen but has since sold to Cathy Epperson – a top consultant – in March 2003.

Impact on the Industry

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Discussion of Products
Kat’s Coffees & More offers coffees (including varietals, flavored coffees, instant coffees, and syrups), chai, cocoas, cookie mixes, creamers, dessert mixes, creamers, candy/popcorn, iced teas, breads, milkshakes, and many more.

Discussion of Opportunity
The company offers the following compensation plan information:

Become a Preferred Kat’s Coffees & More Customer:

If you would like to be able to get a discount when you order, become a preferred customer for $5.00 and receive a 25% discount-you must order once a year to remain qualified for this discount.  You will not be listed on the consultant page and you would not be eligible to purchase consultant only specials. 

Want to be a consultant but have less requirements? 

Get 30% discount and have 1 required purchase of any size
(www.mlmlegal.com) every 6 months.

Really be serious about working the business or order frequently?

Get 35% discount with a requirement of 1 purchase of any size every 3 months.

The customer pays you directly, then you pay Kat's Coffees & More™ minus your percentage. I accept checks, money orders, payments through www.paypal.com or visa or MasterCard.  Your customers will need to pay you by check, cash or money order unless you have a way from them to pay you by credit card.

Commission Credits

Any Commission credits earned throughout a one year span MUST be used by December 31st of that year.  If not they will be considered null and void.  No commission credits/in store credits will carry over year to year.


You will earn $12 in commission credit once your recruit places their first order.  You will also receive commission credit for all consultants recruited by your downline.

1st downline = $12

2nd downline = $8

3rd downline = $4

4th downline and below = $1

Your commission credit will become available to you as soon as your recruit/s pay for their first order.  Kat will apply available credit to orders when available.  Please note, no commission will ever be paid - it can only be used as a credit on an order.  It can only be used on product, not shipping.
Recruiting ONLY

If you only wish to recruit, you will receive a $6.00
(www.mlmlegal.com) in store credit for each recruit.  This is a One Time only payment.
Recruiting/ Downlines

If you wish to have a downline, this means you recruit people to join under you.  If you recruit this way, you are considered a team leader.  As a team leader you will be required to do the following:

1. Keep a record of your recruits under you.

2. Keep in contact with your recruits to see if they have questions or need advice.

3.  Make sure that your recruits remain active.

4.  If your recruits leave Kat’s then remove them from your list.

If you do not do the above items, you are considered a recruiter only.

If you wish to just recruit people to join Kat’s all you are required to do is make sure that their applications reach me.  You do not have to follow up on these members.

Star Recruiters and Sellers

Each month a consultant is the Top Seller (sales at 35%), they will receive $25.00 in commission credit. After being the Top Seller for 6 months (does not have to be consecutive), they will have received  $90 in commission credit and will earn the title of Star Seller.

Once a consultant has 25 members in their downline, they will be considered a Star Recruiter.  On June1st and December 31st of each year, all consultants who are in a downline that consists of 25 or more will receive a $5 commission bonus just for being in that Star Recruiting downline.

Top Sellers and Recruiters

Top Sellers each month will receive the following

1. Top Seller (sales at 30-35%) will receive $25.00 in commission credit

2. Top Seller (sales at 30-35%) will receive $15.00 in commission credit

3. Top Seller (sales at 30-35%) will receive $10.00 commission credit

Top Recruit for one month

Will receive $10.00 in commission credit

Starting with Kat's

The start up fee is $5.  This covers the administrative fees of adding you to the website, consultants group, chat group and providing you with your consultant number.  You may also purchase an order page link when joining if you choose.  This is a personalized order page for your customers to order from.  It is placed under your name on the locate a consultant page.  The orders will be sent to Kat.  Kat will then send you 2 invoices.  The first one will be for you to send to your customer for payment.  After payment has been made to you, use the 2nd invoice sent to you which will have your total due with your discount to pay to Kat.

For more information, one must contact the (www.mlmlegal.com) company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.

Company website: http://www.katscoffees.com/

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