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Founding Story
Isagenix International, LLC’s founders are Jim and Kathy Coover and John Anderson. John Anderson is a master nutritional supplement formulator and has worked for more than 600 companies, creating more than 2,300 nutritional and weight loss products. Jim Coover designed the architecture of the company and created the company’s compensation plan. Kathy Coover is a field leader and has become a top-income earner in three different companies.

Isagenix International, LLC is located in Arizona.

Impact on the Industry
Isagenix International, LLC states that it is one of the fastest-growing and most popular weight-loss companies in history. The company states that it has created more millionaires than any other network marketing company. It’s one of the fastest-growing companies in North America.

The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has been featured in Inc. 500 magazine.

Discussion of Products
Isagenix International, LLC sells nutritional cleansing products and weight ( loss products that focus on the entire human body, from youthful aging to nutritional cleansing.

Discussion of Opportunity
There are six ways to earn income with Isagenix International, LLC, including:

  • Retail Profits on Sale of Products
  • Product Introduction Bonuses
  • Autoship Rewards
  • Team Bonuses
  • Matching Check Bonuses

The company offers the following information regarding its opportunity:

As a new Associate you will be given a Retail Business Center ( (RBC) for the purpose of tracking your Team Sales. Associates who have not yet achieved Consultant will accumulate volume on their Personally Enrolled Associates, and any PV of more than 100 generated each month, as long as they maintain 100 PV in the prior 30 days. No other volume is held until the rank of Consultant is earned.

Becoming a Consultant should be one of your first priorities. You achieve the rank of Consultant by being Active and having at least one Active Personally Enrolled Associate on your Left Sales Team and one Active Personally Enrolled Associate on your Right Sales Team at any time within prior 30 days.

As a Consultant, you are now eligible to accumulate Team Bonus Volume (BV) on your entire organization regardless of depth and earn Team Bonuses of up to 250 Cycles each week.

Become a Consultant – Earn $50
The power of two is all it takes to start generating income with our team bonus plan.

1. Retail Profits on Sale of Products

People are making a fortune just by sharing their personal Isagenix stories. You can too. Become an Associate now and enjoy a new Isagenix lifestyle: work from home, become financially free, and spend more time with your friends and family.
Here are the ways that you too can participate in this amazing opportunity. To learn more of the details to this amazing compensation program, ask the Isagenix Associate who introduced to Isagenix.

When you become an Associate, we provide you with your own Retail Business Center (RBC) so you can order products at wholesale prices. This saves you money on Isagenix products and allows you to sell products at retail prices.

  • Sell retail from your home or through other service businesses—like your health club or church, and earn between 30 and 100 percent profit
  • Send your customers to your personalized Replicated Website where they can make Retail Direct purchases. Isagenix will collect the funds, ship the product and deposit your profit into your Isagenix Visa Account (Retail Direct purchases incur a $4.95 processing fee)

2. Product Introduction Bonuses (PIBS)

Isagenix pays you every time you personally enroll an Associate that purchases an optional Product Introduction Pak. You’ll get a one-time Product Introduction Bonus from $10 to $50 (for example, $25 for the 30-day system—our most popular pak).

3. Team Bonuses

The Isagenix Team Compensation Plan has one of the most generous payouts in Network Marketing history. The plan provides a powerful system to develop residual income deposited to your account every week.

You earn Team Bonuses by becoming a "Paid As" Consultant and building two Associate Sales Teams—your Left Sales Team and your Right Sales Team. The BV you accumulate from sales of commissionable products, is then paid out to you as Team Bonuses every time you generate a Cycle. You can earn up to 250 cycles per week in one business center. 

And 250 Cycles converts to $13,500 cash!

Unused volume will carry forward to the following week.

4. Executive Matching Team Bonuses

Once you become an Executive and maintain 10 personally enrolled Active "paid-as" Consultants (five on each Sales Team) you qualify for a Matching Team Bonus. This 10 percent match is paid to you from all team bonus income generated by your personally enrolled Consultants, Managers, Directors and Executives in your organization. The 10% Matching Team Bonus is calculated daily and paid weekly. Paid-As Executives can earn up to 25 Cycles in Matching Team Bonus each week on their personally-enrolled.

The Executive Matching Team Bonus makes it so you can double your money. When you earn up to 250 Cycles per week in one business center you receive $13,500 cash.

The Executive Matching Team Bonus doubles that money, making it possible to earn $27,000 in cash PER WEEK!
As an Isagenix Independent Associate, you work for yourself, but never by yourself.

5. Incentives

Build teamwork, invigorate your business and enjoy incredible rewards when you participate in Isagenix® contests and leaderships incentives.

In the past, Associates have won luxury cruises, traveled to exotic locations like the Mediterranean and Hawaii, and earned thousands of dollars in cash!

You also get healthcare benefits—an innovative perk specifically designed for Isagenix Associates.

Note: you must be on Autoship to earn the above benefits. Plus, when you maintain a monthly Autoship order, you’ll enjoy Rewards pricing (savings) on select Systems and
( Paks and become eligible to earn incentive bonuses.

These bonuses include:

  • 10 percent off wholesale prices on all paks and systems
  • Reduced annual membership fee of $29—which is a $10 savings
  • And much more!

6. Promotions

While other companies were cutting back, Isagenix recently added $10 million in new promotions and incentives.

At any given time during the year, Isagenix will have one to many different promotions running as added incentives. These promotions promote a sound philosophy of enrolling Associates, and then helping your new Associates advance and teaching them to duplicate the business for themselves.

For example, we very often do our Executive Leadership Pools which allow Associates to earn dazzling bonus checks with double or even triple zero’s. The Executive Leadership Pools are all about achieving our highest recognition ranks and helping Associates serve their teams as leaders and mentors. We reward Associates for working hard, having fun and getting their team members excited!

At Isagenix exotic trips, luxurious Caribbean cruises, and relaxing teambuilding activities—all with the Isagenix founders and executive leadership team—are very attainable through Isagenix promotions.

Isagenix International, LLC offers the following compensation plan:

For more information, one must contact the company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
Isagenix International, LLC states that it serves more than seven million customers and exceeds one billion in sales. Isagenix International, LLC sales have risen ( 1300-percent in five years.

Isagenix International, LLC operates in the United States and international.
In 2011, Isagenix International, LLC reported net sales of $262 million. In 2010, the company was ranked the 46th largest global direct sales company, with net sales of $256 million in eight markets, with 25,000 salespeople and 300 employees.  

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