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Founding Story
GanoLife ( www.mlmlegal.com ) is located in Ontario, Canada. The company’s values are based on the S.H.A.R.E. acronym, meaning Service, Honesty, Action, Respect, and Excellence.

GanoLife’s executive team has over 150 years of experience in the network marketing industry.

Impact on the Industry

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Discussion of Products
GanoLife offers three product lines infused with Ganoderma lucidum, which is a raw, whole food. The company offers coffee and cappuccinos, hair conditioner, and nutritional supplements – all infused with Ganoderma. 

Discussion of Opportunity
GanoLife offers the following compensation plan (www.mlmlegal.com) presentation:

 Immediate Earning Options

Quite literally, you can begin earning with GanoLife the very day you join as an affiliate. We've created a compensation plan with a host of options for immediate income, allowing you to experience the powerful benefits of your GanoLife opportunity right away.


Retail Sales

The question we always like to ask is... "do you or anyone you know drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, even occasionally?" Typically, 95% of people asked this question answer affirmatively. That's because coffee is such a staple to everyday living for a ton of folks. Due to its popularity, you'll quickly see how easy it is to share GanoLife's products with people you know and having them ask you how to buy more! This is a perfect setup for retail sales. As an affiliate of GanoLife, you're able to purchase our fine products at wholesale price but charge retail prices when you sell it... that means profits for you. Additionally, GanoLife boasts an amazing set of online retailing tools that make it easy to share with your friends and family, no matter where they live.


Direct Bonus

When you invite others to share in the benefits of becoming an affiliate with GanoLife through any of our exciting starter packages, you can get paid a generous Direct Bonus! We call our starter packages "X-Packs", with the "X" meaning "eXperience" because these packages contain the full assortment of our products for consuming, prospecting, and selling. The X-Pack Direct Bonuses range from $25 to $150 depending upon the package your prospect enrolls with. Rewarding you financially for getting healthy and for helping others is what we are all about. We invite you to get started today and get paid right away!


FIT365 Promoter Bonus

GanoLife offers a solid answer to weight-management with our FIT365 program. The program provides affiliates with yet another way to build their GanoLife business as a "FIT365 Promoter". We've added a lucrative and leveraged approach to earning as a FIT365 Promoter. A special "perpetual" Promoter's Bonus was added to our already powerful compensation plan that awards both immediate direct bonuses as well as residual earnings on each and every FIT365 enrollee you acquire. Most programs of this type only award a one-time direct bonus, but GanoLife has created a unique retention model for the program that awards you again and again.


EXTRALife Points

GanoLife's EXTRALife Rewards Program is our way of saying "Thank You" to our affiliates and consumers for consistently purchasing product on a monthly basis. Earn points towards free product by leveraging our convenient auto-shipment program to fulfill your monthly recurring orders! Every time a product is ordered through auto-shipment, the appropriate amount of points will be deposited into your EXTRALIFE Rewards Account. Once you have been enrolled in GanoLife's auto-shipment program for six consecutive (6) months, you will automatically become eligible to redeem the EXTRALIFE Reward Points that you've accumulated.

Short-Term Earning Opportunities

When the description of "Short-Term" earning opportunities is used, it's referring to the typical length of time required to benefit from these modes of earning. These modes of compensation can take a bit longer than the immediate features of our compensation plan, but are considered to be long-term(residual) in how long you'll benefit from them.

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Residual Team Commissions (Binary Bonus)

At the heart of GanoLife's compensation plan is our Residual Team Commissions or "Binary Bonus". Simply put, this bonus awards you for building your "binary organization", which means an organization with two parts, or sides. The parts or sides we're referring to are the left side and right side. Each affiliate in the business can enroll an unlimited number of prospects into the business, but we've created a leveraged approach to how you structure your team by limiting the affiliates that are directly associated with you in your binary organization. With a single left team member and a single right team member directly beneath you, this creates a dynamic where your sponsor (or others above them) can potentially be placing their enrollees into your organization. Each and every enrollment purchase or recurring purchase within your organization generates volume that you can potentially be paid-on. GanoLife pays from 10% to 20% per week on balanced volume in your binary organization, to infinity! As your business grows, you are also eligible to create new business centers with weekly pay caps reaching $20,000. It's a truly powerful way to earn a residual income with us.


Multi-Regional Payout
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At the inception of GanoLife, a strong focus on international expansion was a primary goal. Our presence in over 10 countries within the Americas provides an advantageous opportunity to greatly grow your potential earnings with GanoLife. Our regionalized pay plan allows you the benefit of essentially earning the maximum payouts per region instead of treating your international business as one entire entity. Though seamless, this international plan is truly one-of-a-kind in this regionalized approach. Here are the current GanoLife regions, and the countries within them:

  • Region 1: United States & Canada

  • Region 2: Mexico

  • Region 3: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico


RPM Luxury Car Incentive

GanoLife is pleased to offer the RPM Bonus, an innovative luxury car program that rewards GanoLife Affiliates for their success and helps them "live the GanoLife." Affiliates who qualify for the RPM Bonus can earn extra income for the lease or purchase of a Mercedes Benz... or even an exotic car like a Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini! Unlike other car programs, GanoLife's RPM Bonus allows affiliates beginning at the rank of Platinum to receive $300 to $3,000 towards their lease payments. Additionally, the RPM Bonus is highly flexible in only requiring the best 8 out of 12 qualifying weeks be met with the necessary requirements in the compensation plan.


Pacesetters Club

Affiliates reaching the commendable rank of Double Platinum are inducted into our Pacesetters Club and sent on a weekend getaway in Las Vegas to rub shoulders and learn from our proven leadership team. This intimately immersive training has one goal in mind... getting our Double Platinums to that next tier in leadership and financial freedom. We call this Diamond level. The training has been applauded as undeniably the motivation and know-how that has catapulted so many of our emerging leaders to that coveted rank of Diamond. In addition to the knowledge you gain at Pacesetters, there's a healthy amount of socializing and experiencing one another on a more casual and light-hearted side. Corporate executives along with numerous senior-ranking field leaders are there, at your disposal... to learn from, and truly get to know on a personal level.

Long-Term Earning Incentives

As your business continues to grow and you achieve the higher levels within our compensation plan, the benefits you receive also naturally grow. The rewards as a leader with GanoLife are expansive and where the beauty of this business come into full form.


Master Bonus / Check-matching

Starting at the rank of Diamond, your earning potential greatly compounds with our Master Bonus. This bonus awards you deep payout (8 Generations) on the team you develop through personal enrollment. The Master Bonus is often referred to as a "Check Matching" benefit because what your personal enrollment team earns through their Residual Team Binary Commissions equates to additional payout to you! A floating percentage match on your team's payout is awarded to you each and every week on each and every Binary Commission your eligible team members' receive.


Global Leadership Fund

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The amazing Global Leadership Fund becomes available to those reaching the esteemed rank of Triple Diamond. Though the requirements to reach these senior leadership positions are challenging, the return on your efforts at this level are astounding. With our regionalized compensation model, you are able to benefit from the Global Leadership Fund in each region, whether you've built a strong organization in the region or not. How the Global Leadership Fund works is 4% of total bonus volume per week for the entire region is set aside to fund this incentive. The number of other leaders you develop locally or internationally to the rank of Diamond determines your share of this allotted 4%. What makes this earning opportunity truly powerful is that you are being awarded payout on region-wide business that you weren't directly responsible for creating... you're receiving a piece of the regional "pie" that all the teams and leaders together in each region have generated!


Diamond Club

The cornerstone to GanoLife's success and the success of its affiliates are our leaders reaching Diamond. For this reason, we've created an exclusive perk called our Diamond Club. The Diamond Club is nothing more than GanoLife's way of showing our gratitude for your accomplishments. Upon induction into the Diamond Club, you'll be sent on a trip to an exotic location, and GanoLife will pick up the expense. Yes, a free trip to beaches and locations all across the globe is how we welcome affiliates into the "Diamond Life"... only with GanoLife!


Stacked Multiple Business Centers

Did you know that you can have up to 4 positions (we call them "Business Centers") with GanoLife? What's unique about these business centers is we've created a unique "stacking" model that places each new business center you earn directly above the previous position. This compounding approach of placing subsequent business centers above the previous one allows you to leverage the organization and associated volume you've already created again and again. Once you understand the already powerful "Binary Organization" model we have, you'll better appreciate how receiving up to 4 stacked business centers can be. Starting at the rank of Triple Diamond is when you begin unlocking these unbelievable benefits.

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Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
GanoLife states that it has paid out millions of dollars in commissions and it expects to exceed $150 million in sales in its first year in business. The company plans on expanding to ( www.mlmlegal.com ) 100 countries within the next five years.

Company website: http://www.ganolife.us/

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