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EcoFresh Industries Inc.
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Founding Story
EcoFresh was developed in the 1970s on the idea of eliminating ammonia and bleach from cleaning products and replacing them with all natural ingredients such as plants, fruits, grains, and purified water.

The company is located in Dallas, Texas.

The Founder of EcoFresh is Michael W. Brandt, who is a board certified entomologist and Oklahoma State University graduate.
EcoFresh is now renamed EcoFresh Industries, Inc. The company states the following regarding its history:

EcoFresh Industries, Inc. is a Texas C-Corporation, established in January 1982. Both the EcoFresh and EcoSafe names have actually been in use, however, since 1972, when the Company's founder, Michael W. Brandt, originally established the "EcoSafe Environmental Protection Club". The name "EcoSafe" refers to Mr. Brandt's original pest-control product business; "EcoFresh" refers to his original cleaner-deodorizer and air freshener products. These two brands, which are proprietary and trademarked through the USPTO, have a combined worth of several million dollars in themselves, from a retail marketing perspective.

The Company as it exists today, was reorganized under an entirely new business model in January 2009. After a successful release of its original "EcoFresh Consumer Product" line, in February 2011 the Company began to focus heavily and investing in research and development of its ( second generation "EcoSafe Professional Products" line, which was completed shortly thereafter in May 2011.

As of June 2011, the Company signed three extremely significant distribution agreements, first with Univar USA, which is one of the largest, premier distributors of chemical products in North America. The second distributor, Winfield Solutions, LLC, primarily specializes in golf, lawn and sports turf, pest-control, acquatics and vegetation management solutions, and also owns and operates numerous Ralston-Purina Feed Stores in rural areas across the U.S. The third distributor is the international heavyweight Grainger, which was originally founded in Chicago, Illinois back in 1927, and distributes some 900,000 different products across the globe.

At present, EcoFresh® is in the process of continuing to grow its in-direct sales channel through the creation and implementation of its commercial sales division's "Authorized Distributor/Re-Seller Partnership Program", which targets companies in the pet and pest control industries, as well as home and commercial cleaning and custodial services, just to name a couple. The Company has also formally launched its "Independent Sales Agent" program to augment the commercial sales division. Through these relationships, as well as establishing a separate international wholesale and distribution channel. EcoFresh® Industries is projecting to be profitable.

Impact on the Industry
EcoFresh states that it is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Discussion of Products
EcoFresh offers household cleaners, such as deodorizing cleaner, ( instant odor neutralizer, bathroom tub and tile cleaner, cleaner concentrate, among others.

The company offers the following regarding its products:

  • EcoFresh®: "3-in-1 triple action!" Cleaner

  • Cleans the air, hard surfaces and glass

  • Contains no bleach, ammonia or alcohol

  • Eliminate toxic cleaners and breathe easier

  • Kill odor causing bacteria without enzymes

  • Hypoallergenic and biodegradable

Discussion of Opportunity
The company offers the following information regarding its Independent Sales Agent Program:

Career Opportunities

ISA's who are top revenue generators may at some point be offered a full-time, permanent employment opportunity with EcoFresh® directly as a Commercial Account Executive or Regional Sales Manager. ISA's are under no obligation to accept any full-time, permanent employment offers, and can elect to continue on under the ISA Program. The Company's commercial sales teams will be assigned to sales territories, as reasonably possible, so they are not in direct competition with Independent Sales Agents.

Product Inventory and Order Fulfillment

ISA's do not need to maintain any inventory or fill customer orders. ISA's can submit orders electronically via the EcoFresh website or via e-email/e-fax, and customer orders will be shipped from our fulfillment center.

For commercial accounts, ISA's will be responsible for presenting the customer with the required Authorized Distributor/Reseller Program documentation and obtaining all required information and signatures on each required document. When all documentation is submitted, the ISA's rep number will be recorded on the commercial customer's account, and will be paid commissions on all purchases made on the commercial customer accounts.

For general consumer sales, ISA's will submit the customer's order ( with their ISA rep number on the sales order, and will receive appropriate commission on each individual consumer sales.

Sample Products

ISA's can purchase samples of all products, at cost, from EcoFresh directly. Sample products are provided in 2 oz. bottles, in cases containing 24 units per case. The Company will initially provide one case of samples of our GC3 Multi-Surface Cleaner, Ultra ZR1 Odor Neutralizer, and Pet Odor Sprays. Additional cases are $24/per case.

Product Pricing

EcoSafe® Professional Products are priced based on customer type. Commercial customers, who purchase product in bulk to either use in performing services or for the purpose of resale, purchase products at distributor price, which are based on required minimum order amounts (typically a minimum of four cases are required to be purchased in order for the commercial customer to receive distributor prices on products.) Commercial customers who intend to resell products must provide a state issued Reseller's Tax Exemption Certificate, otherwise sales tax will be assessed on the commercial customer's gross cost of their orders. Consumer customers, which essentially are the general public and do not buy in bulk, are charged at the MSRP rate (or Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.)

Under no circumstances can ISA's adjust the distributor price point on any products, under or above the price set by the Company. ISA's can, at their own risk and will, can sell products to general consumers above the MSRP, but at no time may they set consumer product price points below the MSRP price. ISA's are also restricted from acquiring commercial accounts that are already customers of any of our Authorized Distributor/Reseller partners, as we're contractually obligated not to sell directly to any ( of their existing customers.

For information on joining, one must contact the company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.

Company Website:

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