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Founding Story
E. Excel International’s corporate entity is located in Sandy, Utah. Dr. Jau-Fei Chen is the Founder of the company.
E. Excel International offers the following (www.mlmlegal.com) extensive history, from 1987 to 2008:

Nanyang Siang Pau, Malaysia’s premier Chinese news corporation, honored Dr. Jau-Fei Chen as one of the most distinguished businesspersons in Malaysia, highlighting her achievements in a new book, Nanyang Salutes: The Vision and the Way
. Among the twelve business people in the book, Dr. Chen is the only woman and non-Malaysian, a significant honor.

Dr. Chen honored with a commemorative stamp set by the People's Republic of China; the first person from Shanghai and the first woman to be so honored.

“Symphony of Excellence” won the prestigious “Top 10 Most Competitive Health Care Products” award at the Third Global System Leader Summit.
Dr. Chen invited by China’s State Council and Tsinghua University to present a lecture on Nutritional Immunology.

Dr. Chen invited to meet Chinese President Hu Jintao and other senior officials.
Dr. Chen invited by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Party School of the CPC Central Committee to present a health seminar on Nutritional Immunology.
E. Excel won the prestigious New Millennium Award at the 30th Golden Award for the Best Trade Name and the Food Safety Excellence Award.

Dr. Chen invited by the All-China Women’s Federation to be the special speaker at the launch of Walking In Health, a national initiative aimed at improving women’s health.
Dr. Chen invited to share the science of Nutritional Immunology on China Central Television’s Road To Health program and China Beijing Television Station’s TV Clinic program.

New products launched: EverNew®-D, Nutrifresh®-D, Ginberry®, and new packaging for Millennium®.
E. Excel Global launched.
Convention in Las Vegas.
Patents for cactus fruit drinks, food products, and Ginseng Berry topical products.
Dr. Jau-Fei Chen’s “Knowledge Is Power” seminar is presented throughout North America.

New products launched: The Essence of Play™, The Essence of Simplicity™ and POLY5™ Complex
Celebrated Fifteen Years of Excellence at Convention 2002.

New products launched: The Essence of Knowledge™ and The Essence of Time™
The Essence of Knowledge™ won Taiwan’s Biotech Medical
(www.mlmlegal.com) Product Quality Award
US patent obtained for using ginseng berry and cactus fruit as ingredients in nutritional products, and for freeze-dried ginseng berry tea.
Singapore office opened in September.

Malaysia hosted largest event in E. Excel history—EE2000 Elemente® cosmetic line launched.

Korea office opened in May.

New products launched: Duet™ and Millennium® Red.

Dr. Chen named one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Hong Kong and China offices opened in March and May, respectively.
New products launched: Vision™, Nutrifresh® and EverNew®.

Dr. Chen named “Outstanding Woman of the Year” by Chinese Women Association of America.
Plant Foods and Immunology: A Scientific Approach by Dr. Chen published.
Dr. Chen won 1st place at Conference of World Traditional Medicine for Millennium®
Nutritional Immunology video won Telly Award.
New products launched: VegiWash™, HandyGel® and Cactus Milk™
Philippines office opened in February.

Dr. Chen named “One of the Most Influential Chinese in America” by World Daily News.
Nutritional Immunology by Dr. Chen published.
Nutritional Immunology video introduced.

Award-winning beverage, Millennium® launched.

Dr. Chen received the Annual Model of Overseas Chinese Youth Entrepreneur Award.

Dr. Chen named “Outstanding Person of the Year” by the Federation of Overseas Chinese Association.
Dr. Chen received the Martin De La Cruz Award for service in the area of traditional/alternative medicine.
Luxembourg office opened in March.

E. Excel’s first Convention held.
Malaysia office opened in November.

Taiwan office opened in August New products launched: Refresh™, Enjoi™ and Dew Drops®
Club of Excellence introduced in September.

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen founded E. Excel International.

Impact on the Industry
Millennium, one of E. Excel International’s signature (www.mlmlegal.com) products formulated by D. Jau-Fei Chen, won first place in the product category at the Conference of World Traditional Medicine in 1996.

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E. Excel International states that it is the leader in today’s Nutritional Immunology technology industry.

Discussion of Products
E. Excel International offers nutritional products that help support the immune system through the use of health foods and whole foods supplements. The company’s signature products include 1) Millennium, which is made from cactus, cold pressed and filtered, then combined with royal jelly and wild honey, 2) Ginberry, which is a blend of ginseng berry, mulberry leaf and other herbs formulated to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels and body weight, and 3) POLYS Complex, made from five mushroom varieties formulated to stimulate and fortify the immune system.

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Laboratory technicians test every batch of product to ensure strict standards are maintained. Several tests are performed to guarantee every product is free of impurities.

Discussion of Opportunity
The company offers the following benefits for joining:

  • Improved health and beauty through the use of E. Excel's products

  • Education in E. Excel Nutritional Immunology®

  • Supplemental or full-time income

  • A unique financial opportunity

  • Freedom to do what you want, when you want

  • A low-risk, proven plan for success

  • Ability to leverage your efforts

  • Low business startup costs

  • Tax advantages of a home-based business

  • Bonuses, contests, and incentive vacations

  • New friends and an exciting career

E. Excel International offers the following compensation plan:

E. Excel International offers the following extensive compensation plan:

E. Excel International

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E. Excel International

E. Excel International

E. Excel International

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E. Excel International

E. Excel International

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E. Excel International

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Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
E. Excel International offers products in (www.mlmlegal.com) over twenty countries and sells to thousands of customers worldwide.

Company Website: http://www.eexcel.net/


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