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Founding Story
The Founder of ( ) BlackBox Cosmetics, LLC is Kevin B. Evans who wanted to find a natural and nontoxic way to fight aging. He believed that the cosmetics industry was selling products that were full of chemicals and improperly packaged. The company is based out of Sarasota, Florida.

Impact on the Industry

Discussion of Products
The company offers skincare products that help fight the signs of aging. The products include: 6 Minute Miracle, Infusion AM, Defiance PM, Radiance AX, Little Secret Weapon, Sea-Mask, and Frost face wash. The products are sold together in the RestorationKit.

Discussion of Opportunity
BlackBox Cosmetics, LLC offers the following compensation plan information:

Unlike most Direct Sales Companies, BlackBox Cosmetics' #1 goal was to design a "No Hassle" Compensation Plan that would pay out the highest percentage commission possible to our Independent Sales Associates (ISAs) and reward them with lucrative bonuses for a job well done. This would allow regular people the opportunity to find financial independence or simply supplement their income. Our #2 goal was to make the compensation plan simple, uncomplicated, and easy to explain. Our initial research found that most direct sales company's compensation plans are so complicated that their sales associates can not correctly explain how they are getting paid or how the commission structure works. Our #3 goal was to develop a culture within the company that is warm and inviting to its independent sales associates and customers... making customer service a very high priority.
Every direct sales company we researched had a considerable number of negative aspects to its compensation structure, (e.g., high enrollment fees, unfair commission structures, minimum sales & purchase requirements/quotas, forced and often expensive automatic monthly payment deductions, annual renewals, required product stocking, and/or unreasonable requirements to get paid on customers in their sales organization). BlackBox Cosmetics threw all of that out. Our Independent Sales Associate's (ISA's) enrollment fee is one of the lowest in the industry and is only designed to cover the cost of opening, managing, and maintaining the ISA's replicated website and shopping cart. Our commission structure is simple. Nothing is forced. There are no special requirements, quotas, or minimums to get paid. There are no crazy schemes to keep ISA's from earning what they deserve. And there is no need to stock product unless you would like to have some on hand for special events, (e.g., trade shows, home parties, demonstrations). In fact, customers place their orders at our ISA's own replication of the BlackBox Cosmetics website and shopping cart. We then ship the customer's order directly to them within 24 hours by priority mail. Nothing could be easier than that. The products are fresh and powerful and the customer receives excellent service. Our Independent Sales Associates are selling product all over the world and making an income even while they sleep. Their own websites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... even during holidays. This allows regular people to start a lucrative business or earn an income with incredibly little up front expense.

The BlackBox Cosmetics Replicated Website & Shopping ( ) Cart System

After enrolling as an Independent Sales Associate, our system immediately creates a replication of our main website and shopping cart specifically for you. Your new replicated website is dedicated completely to you and your new business. As an ISA, you can direct customers to your website. The customer can read about our company and products, research the ingredients, and place an order... all in your dedicated shopping cart. If the customer decides to enroll as an Independent Sales Associate in your sales organization, they can easily do so... right in your shopping cart as well.

All transactions, commissions, and bonuses are tied to the shopping cart system. If an ISA chooses to sell product directly to customers, (e.g., trade shows, home parties, retail outlets, kiosks), the ISA can purchase the products at Wholesale from their own Back Office Shopping Cart. The Wholesale Shopping Cart is only available to BlackBox Cosmetics' ISAs. For personal use, ISAs can purchase products at wholesale as well.
Independent Sales Associates(ISAs) have the added benefit of enrolling new ISAs to their sales organization... right from their personal shopping cart. As part of the enrollment process, customers that choose to become an ISA can purchase their first BlackBox Cosmetics' Restoration or GeniSkin Kit at a discount. Sponsoring ISAs receive a commission for the sale of either Kit and replicated website ISA Package.
Commissions, Sponsored Commissions, and Bonuses

As stated earlier, the BlackBox Cosmetics' commission and bonus structure is designed to offer our Independent Sales Associates the opportunity to become financially independent, supplement their income, or anything in between. Understandably, ISAs that put in the effort will hit bonus levels and open up new levels of income within their organization. If you take a moment to contemplate the power involved in developing an organization... consider the phenomenal growth of Facebook or Twitter. Both are Social Networks... harnessing the power of networking! Yes, that's all it is. It all started with one person sharing the story with someone else.

Below is a quick scenario:

- The ISA is paid 20-45% commission on everything purchased from their replicated BlackBox Cosmetics retail shopping cart, including their personal use products not purchased at wholesale. The ISA can purchase products from their own shopping cart at wholesale and sell them at our Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or sell them at the Manufacturer Suggested Online Retail Price (MSORP). There is a significant profit margin either way. Here is how it breaks down:

- An ISA receives a minimum 20% commission on all purchases made out of their personal BlackBox Cosmetics retail shopping cart. This is in addition to any profit made from purchasing our products at wholesale and selling them at MSRP or MSORP. BUT... that's just the beginning. We set the bar extemely low to receive bonuses and you can quickly earn up to 45% on everything sold out of your shopping cart (See Below):


There are two ways to qualify for bonuses:

1) Reaching qualifying sales levels out of your shopping ( ) cart each month.

2) Reaching qualifying sponsorship levels each month.

~ $500 in shopping cart sales or enroll 1 new ISAs in any given month = 10% bonus on entire shopping cart sales.

~ $1,000 in shopping cart sales or enroll 2 new ISAs in any given month = 15% bonus on entire shopping cart sales.

~ $1,500 in shopping cart sales or enroll 3 new ISAs in any given month = 20% bonus on entire shopping cart sales.

~ $2,000 in shopping cart sales or enroll 4 new ISAs in any given month = 25% bonus on entire shopping cart sales.

One of the great things about the BlackBox Cosmetics' bonus system is that the bonus is retroactive to the beginning of the month. Once you qualify for the bonus, every sale you have made, since the beginning of the month will be calculated into the bonus. Wholesale purchases are added to the overall bonus calculation and eligible for the bonus payment as well. Just think, when you enroll 3 new ISAs in a month, you have doubled your commission for every purchase made in your shopping cart for the entire month!

An ISA is capable of making up to 45% commission on products purchased from their own shopping cart in addition to profits made from purchasing at wholesale and selling at retail. Once an ISA starts to sponsor their own sales organization, they will then benefit from sales made through the shopping carts in their sales organization as well.

The Sales Organization Commission Structure(The Fun Stuff)

As an Independent Sales Associate(ISA) you have the ability to expand your business and manage/develop a sales team. It is your choice. There are no requirements or quotas to develop a sales organization. The size of your sales team is your choice as well. It stands to reason, the more people you have working for you, the more income you will receive. Of course... the larger your sales organization, the greater your income potential. As the leader of a sales organization you have more duties, such as training and management. However, the rewards are much greater. Taking over these responsibilities from BlackBox Cosmetics allows us to pay you generous percentages for all of the sales made by your organization... and your organization has the potential to be enormous. As the manager of your own sales organization, you get paid a Commission/override for all sales made from your sales team's shopping carts... and this can be substantial!

Your sales team might consist of friends and family, those you gain from promotional & advertising efforts, and satisfied customers that wish to sell the products or receive a discount on their own purchases. You will find that a great majority of your customers will wish to become an ISA, because they love the products. After all, this is how the company got started in the first place. Since an ISA can purchase their own products at wholesale or is paid a minimum of 20% on their own retail purchases, it makes sense for them to enroll as an ISA. For motivated ISAs, there are many online and offline ways to actively recruit a sales organization.

BlackBox Cosmetics chose a Direct Sales Organization structure and believes it offers the best system for its Independent Sales Associates. The system we have designed allows ISAs the ability to enroll as many new sales associates as they wish to the front line of their sales organization. This is an important feature, because many direct sales company's organization structures limit their sales associates to enroll only a few new associates to their Front Line. Since most direct sales companies pay the highest commissions for the front line of any sales organization... limiting the 1st Level is a big drawback to any sales associate's earnings potential. BlackBox Cosmetics gives you unlimited Front Line/Level 1 potential to build your sales team... offering incredible possibilities.

Sponsored Commission ( ) Payouts

Front Line:

Level 1 = 8% (Sponsoring ISA receives 8% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the Front Line/1st Level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 2 = 6% (Sponsoring ISA receives 6% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 2nd level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 3 = 4% (Sponsoring ISA receives 4% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 3rd level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 4 = 2% (Sponsoring ISA receives 2% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 4th level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 5 = 1% (Sponsoring ISA receives 1% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 5th level of his/her sales organization.)

Additional Pay Levels 6, 7, and 8   *When Qualified (See Below):

Level 6 = 1% (Sponsoring ISA receives 1% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 6th level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 7 = 2% (Sponsoring ISA receives 2% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 7th level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 8 = 3% (Sponsoring ISA receives 3% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 8th level of his/her sales organization.)

As a Sponsoring Independent Sales Associate, you can now benefit from exponential growth. If you are unfamiliar with exponential growth, let it be said that it offers phenomenal opportunity. The ISAs you enroll will have the same opportunity to build their own sales organization and you will receive sponsoring commissions for everything sold out of their shopping carts down to the 5th level of your sales organization.

Revolutionary Expanding/Increasing Bonus Levels

BlackBox Cosmetics broke the mold when it created a commission structure with:

-Unlimited 1st level sponsoring,

-NO sales quotas,

-NO need to stock product,

-NO monthly financial commitment,

-NO annual renewal, and

-NO unfair sales requirements.

However, we didn't stop there, nor did we take another measly step forward. We took a huge leap! A leap that is so unprecedented, all other direct sales companies leave a lot to be desired.

BlackBox Cosmetics has created a bonus system that actually beckons our Independent Sales Associates to take money that is already there waiting for them. In addition, the bonus system helps solve the single biggest problem most Direct Sales companies are faced with... sponsors not helping their sales organization achieve their own personal sales goals. The BlackBox Cosmetics' Expanding/Increasing bonus system allows sponsoring ISAs to open up 3 additional sales organization levels beyond their original 5th Level. That is an incredible bonus! Even more incredible... the commission percentages on these new 6-8 Levels actually increase, rather than decrease! The power of this unprecedented feature should not be underestimated. Early ISAs with BlackBox Cosmetics often earn more income on their 8th Level than all other levels combined.

As a sponsoring ISA...

- When you enroll 5 new ISAs to your sales organization: you will increase your organizational ranking to Independent Sales Manager, expand your organization/commission structure to 6 Levels... where you are paid 1% commission on everything sold from the shopping carts on the 6th Level of your sales organization, and receive a BlackBox Cosmetics' e-mail address.

- When you enroll 10 new ISAs to your sales organization: you will increase your organizational ranking to Independent Sales Supervisor, expand your organization/commission structure to 7 Levels... where you are paid 2% commission on everything sold from the shopping carts on the 7th Level of your sales organization, and you will be added to the BlackBox Cosmetics' Anonymous Contact Response Team (Each week, BlackBox Cosmetics receives multiple product and information requests from anonymous web searchers. These random contacts are distributed evenly to active ISAs that have gained Supervisor status or greater).

- When you enroll 20 new ISAs to your sales organization: you will increase your organizational ranking to Independent Sales Director and expand your organization/commission structure to 8 Levels... where you are paid 3% commission on everything sold from the shopping carts on the 8th Level of your sales organization. Additional gifts and promotional items are awarded for achieving this status.

*Rising commissions in lower levels is unheard ( ) of in the industry. This is due to enormous potential for a very large number of shopping carts in your organization on these levels. Just remember the statement above... "Early ISAs with BlackBox Cosmetics often earn more income on their 8th Level than all other levels combined.

"BlackBox Cosmetics realized that a major flaw in most Direct Sales marketing plans is: unwilling or unmotivated sponsors not helping their sales organization achieve their own personal goals. Increasing commission percentages, encourages sponsoring ISAs to help their organization develop, grow, and bring in new customers down to the higher paying levels. And the ISAs you sponsor are encouraged to help their sales organization as well. As your organization grows, you will inevitably have new customers and ISAs show up on your 6, 7, and 8 levels. This is income that will already be there month-after-month, just waiting for you to come and take it. As a matter-of-fact, even the BlackBox Cosmetics' ISA check stub shows the income you are missing until you open these bonus levels. Yes, we do like to taunt our ISAs a little, but you will be glad we did when you start to receive this missing income. By opening up the 6, 7, and 8th bonus levels, the new income is yours. You are qualified to receive it as long as you are an Independent Sales Associate (ISA) with BlackBox Cosmetics.

What is the potential payoff for opening up your 8th Level by sponsoring 20 ISAs and then helping them sponsor at least 5? Consider the sheer number of shopping carts in your organization if every one of your ISAs sponsored only 5 new ISAs. On your 8th Level alone, you would have over 390,000 shopping carts in your organization! Using the same formula, compare that to the number of shopping carts on your 5th level. The difference is staggering. Remember, exponential growth to a level down that far has enormous potential. It is for this reason that Direct Sales companies lower the commission percentage, not raise it. Even a $1 purchase each month out of every shopping cart in your organization would make you financially independent... not to mention what would happen with actual product sales, customer refills, and ISAs purchasing their own personal use items. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Some Independent Sales Associates are going to actively recruit as many new customers as they can using various forms of advertising, promotions, and marketing techniques... while others may passively enroll their closest friends and family. No one really knows your earnings potential, but BlackBox Cosmetics has created what it believes to be the best commission structure possible for you to achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself and your family.

You will quickly realize the importance of product sold out of each shopping cart. After all, nothing really matters otherwise. With an extraordinary product line that offers money saving refills and new products being added in months and years to come... the purchase volumes of each shopping cart should be consistent and grow accordingly.

All the Benefits of Owning a Business... without all of the headaches
BlackBox Cosmetics gives everyone the same opportunity to offer world-class products (unrivaled in the marketplace) and earn generous commissions & bonuses for doing so. For those individuals that are motivated to manage and develop their own sales team... a lucrative override/management commission structure is in place to allow them to benefit handsomely as the leader of their very own sales organization. As an Independent Sales Associate(ISA) with BlackBox Cosmetics, there are tremendous benefits in comparison to owning and operating your own business. As an ISA, you never have to open and maintain a commercial retail outlet, develop & operate an online shopping cart, handle the product(except for your own desired personal usage), process customer transactions and/or open & manage a merchant account, make deliveries, process product returns or exchanges, and/or stock product/inventory. As you enroll new Sales Associates to your team, you are not responsible for processing & paying commission checks, collecting income taxes, or any other administrative function in regard to employees. You are free to do what makes you successful... spread the word about the great BlackBox Cosmetics Products and build/train your sales organization.
Your Future Is Here

In everyone's life, there are only a handful of times when a great opportunity presents itself. We believe this is one of those times. We can't think of a better time than the present when BlackBox Cosmetics' products would be so relevant. We have found the very mention of our product line, quickly draws attention. Scan across any room filled with people and you will soon realize that almost everyone can use some form of a highly effective, non-toxic skin-care product. It is reported that every 7 seconds someone in this country turns 50 years old. That is an amazing statistic and our RestorationSkin products are perfect for the baby-boomer demographic. GeniSkin... "The Beginning to Beautiful Skin" (our acne and problem skin system) is the most advanced system ever designed for teens and adults with problem skin. VuDu Hair... our newest addition to BlackBox Cosmetics is a combination of the most advanced shampoos, conditioners, and cleansing conditioners ever developed. VuDu Hair products were created on a base of aloe and botanicals (not 75% water) and contain high levels of vitamins and hair & scalp enriching nutrients not found in other products. Like all BlackBox Cosmetics' products... there are no sulfates, parabens, formaldahyde releasers, or allergens that are used to preserve the products. We expect this new product line to be an industry leader in ( ) years to come. Many new products are in development and are sure to be big hits with our customers as well.

Cosmeceuticals by BlackBox Cosmetics target the largest demographic segments of our economy... Aging Baby-Boomers, teens, Naturalists, Nutrition Conscious, and Green-minded Conservationists. For the most part, men have been ignored in regard to age-defying skin-care products. Yet our research tells us that men are just as concerned with their hair, improving their skin, clearing acne, and reducing the signs of aging as women. Cosmeceuticals by BlackBox Cosmetics are not gender specific and are lightly scented with non-floral essential oils. With an exciting black box filled with cool black, fiery red, frosty & midnight blue, sunset orange, and lime green quadrant reflective & chrome bottles... anyone will be proud to display them at home or in a retail outlet. Customers and Sales Associates tell us that BlackBox Cosmetics are unique and have a cool factor like no other product available. We agree. Presentation is important and there is no skin-care product anywhere that is as beautifully packaged as BlackBox Cosmetics.

Our cosmeceuticals and hair-care products are by far the best products on the market and contain the highest concentrations of the most effective nutrients, botanicals, and compounds in the industry. Competing products in major department stores with one/third of the age-defying compounds found in our Cosmeceuticals are commonly priced 2-10 times higher... despite having very high water and toxic preservative content. Often, we are asked how our products can be priced so low and offer so many nutrients in comparison. We have been able to accomplish this task, by keeping overhead low, cutting out the middle-man, using word-of-mouth advertising, and offering money-saving refills of each product. We have something for almost every price point and sales associates can feel comfortable offering such a wonderful line of products at an affordable price.
New Products and Company Expansion

BlackBox Cosmetics is a young and incredibly innovative company with a line of products unlike any other. We now offer our Artisan Bath Products that are wonderful non-toxic hand-crafted lotion soap bars. In the near future, we will be adding many more exciting new products including: Nutrux... a full line of Nutraceuticals.

Our cosmeceuticals were originally developed to help the baby-boomer generation aggressively take on fine lines and wrinkles, however the products have incredible healing benefits that have far exceeded our expectations. Many of our regular product users had chronic skin problems before using our cosmeceuticals. They have reported a remarkable improvement in their skin condition when other Doctor recommended therapies had failed. The testimonials continue to pour in and we have posted a small portion of them online. Please see our Testimonials section for more real-life results.

Adding new high quality products to our line is not only great for our customers, but it will increase the sales potential and overall volume of each shopping cart, which means higher commissions paid to our Independent Sales Associates on each shopping cart in their organization. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or start a full time career in the dynamic cosmetics industry, BlackBox Cosmetics truly offers its Independent Sales Associates the opportunity of a lifetime. If you would like to join us and become part of a vibrant and fast-growing cosmetics/skin, nutrition, and hair-care company, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the individual that referred you to us. If you found us on your own, please take a moment to submit your contact information and we will direct you to an Independent ( ) Sales Associate.
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