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Azuli Skye
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Founding Story
Azuli Skye is based in Apex, North Carolina. The Founder of Azuli Skye is Deborah McNaughton. Deborah’s idea for the company began after she had made mother’s bracelets for children for a group of mothers. Soon after she began working on the bracelets the requests for more of her designs and products began flowing in. Before long, Deborah was having more parties than she ever imagined and Azuli Skye was born.

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Impact on the Industry
Azuli Skye is a member of the Direct Selling University and the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

Azuli Skye’s founder has been interviewed by Dr. Jane Greer on the Healthy Life Radio Network. The company has been featured in Woman’s World magazine, seen on WFIN network, and profiled on TheFamilyGroove.com.

Discussion of Products
Azuli Skye offers sterling silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that are made with Swarovski crystal, handmade glass and semi-precious stones. The products are made in the United States and are hand crafted. Products are customizable and personalized.

Below are examples of some of the company’s jewelry products:

Azuli Skye

Discussion of Opportunity
Azuli Skye offers the following benefits for joining the company:

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    • A great opportunity to start your own profitable business

    • Low start-up cost

    • Fantastic training & tools

    • Our lucrative Compensation Plan

    • Ground floor opportunity

The company offers the following compensation plan:

Those who join the company will receive the following:

  • A great Consultant Kit packed with everything you need

  • Business supplies for your first 6 home jewelry (www.mlmlegal.com) parties

  • Black velvet jewelry displays

  • Access to our exclusive online community

  • Outstanding support and fantastic training materials

  • A kit valued at over $800, including over $700 of our most popular jewelry

For additional information, one must contact (www.mlmlegal.com) the company.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.

Company Website: http://www.azuliskye.com/

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