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Founding Story
Earl Silas Tupper (1907-1983) developed Tupperware in 1945. His innovative ideas came from inventing plastic containers for people to use in the kitchen that kept food air-tight.  

The "Burping seal" is a famous aspect of the Tupperware Company which distinguishes it from its competitors.

Mr. Tupper was born on a farm in Berlin, New Hampshire. As a young adult he worked as a landscaper until the Great Depression bankrupted his business. From there he went on to work at the DuPont Chemical (www.mlmlegal.com) Company. From the plastics that he received from DuPont, he began molding and shaping air-tight containers, plates, cups, and even gas masks that were used during WWII. His air-tight containers came from duplicating the lids of common paint cans.

Tupperware launched in 1946 and is now marketed and internationally distributed by its parent company Tupperware Brands Corporation. Tupperware is an owned subsidiary of Tupperware Brands Corporation.

Tupperware pioneered the direct selling strategy which was made famous by the Tupperware Party. Brownie Wise (1913-1992) developed the strategy while working for Stanley Home Products.

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During the early 1950s, Tupperware sales exploded as Ms. Wise held a unique relationship with the Tupperware ladies and she threw extravagantly-themed parties to motivate the Tupperware ladies. Tupperware relied heavily on Tupperware ladies after men returned home after WWII and competition for jobs increased. The home-party movement empowered women to get back into the kitchen, and even to this day, Tupperware rallies are being held in major cities that recognize the demonstrators, top selling managers and distributors.

In 1958, it is thought that Mr. Tupper grew impatient with Ms. Wise's spending during the Tupperware rallies, and along with other disagreements, led to a falling out.

In 1958, soon after Ms. Wise was fired, Mr. Tupper sold the Tupperware Company for $16 million dollars to Dart Industries who still operates it today.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Tupper divorced his wife, rid himself of US citizenship in order to avoid taxes, and bought an island in Central America. Later that year his patent for Tupperware expired and he passed away, enabling many other companies to mimic the Tupper brand.

In recent years, Tupperware has transformed from a direct (www.mlmlegal.com) selling model to more of a direct marketing model so as to not rely so heavily on authorized distributors. This model includes selling their products in common stores like Target and superstores in Canada. This method proved stale and was discontinued in 2003. Tupperware remains a dominant company in the direct selling industry.

Impact on the Industry
Tupperware has been nationally recognized in many regards since its beginning. In 2004, Laurie Kahn-Leavitt produced, wrote, and directed the documentary Tupperware! for the American Experience addition of PBS. This film has appeared in film festivals all around the world. Tupperware has also been recognized in popular culture through media and film. Tupperware was also highlighted in the film Napoleon Dynamite, when Uncle Rico sells a Tupperware-like product door-to-door in order to seduce housewives.

Discussion of Products
Tupperware sells the famous Tupperware products, as well as a diverse array of kitchen supplies, kid's supplies, microwaves, storage containers, food preparation material, gift certificates, cookware, cutlery, and picnic supplies.  

A drop in sales and a bad image with the public during in the mid- 1990s invoked an entire line of new products to grab the interest of younger buyers. These products include an entire line of stainless steel cookware, cutlery and other kitchen gadgets.

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Discussion of Opportunity
Tupperware offers three different avenues for representatives to gain success. The first is the original Tupperware In-Home Party in which representatives are able to make new friends while selling valuable products.

The second is gaining access to customers through Tupperware Access Points or TAPS which are kiosk locations within malls.

The third is a personal website in which the representative is able to earn business (www.mlmlegal.com) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A representative can also greatly increase their income through personal sales and managing those within downlines.

Distributors can get started with Tupperware by purchasing an Executive Business Kit. The kit comes with a full range of business supplies, Tupperware products and a reference guide on how to begin throwing your Tupperware parties.

Occasionally, Tupperware offers discounted business kits through their website.

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Tupperware offers online parties as well where the representative registers as an eHost and invites guests online. From that point a customer is able to shop from whatever location they choose. With an online party, representatives are able to earn e-gift certificate (www.mlmlegal.com) awards along with ten percent off online party sales.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
Tupperware has millions of consultants and sells in over 100 countries worldwide. Tupperware's top five consumers are Germany, America, Mexico, France, and Australia.

In 2010, Tupperware was ranked as the seventh largest direct selling company in the world, with $2.3 billion in net sales. The company has over 2.6 million salespeople and 13,500 employees.

Company website: www.tupperware.com


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