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The Fuller Brush Company

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Founding Story
Alfred C. Fuller (Nova Scotia, Canada) started the company on New Year’s Day in 1906. The company began by selling brushes door-to-door. Back in the 1960s, the main factory was located in East Hartford, CT. After Mr. Fuller died in the early 70s, the company was bought and relocated to Kansas. Then his son, Avard, ran the company. Jonny Fuller, the grandson of Alfred, raced a Volvo Sports car at Thompson sports car track in CT. Carol Ketchum, the Canadian niece of Alfred by his first wife, worked on the cosmetics line at Fuller.

The Charter Plant in Philmont, NY - The blow molding of plastic bottles and toothbrush operation was in Philmont, NY which was located on a major East-West and North-South major highway junction in upper NY state.

The Industrial Brush Division was also at the East Hartford plant where they made large motor driven brushes for developing newspaper printing photo ( metal plates. All the mops were sewn at this plant. The perfuming operation was there also, including a large machine to detect what was in the perfume made by other companies. A man worked at the plant that bent brush assemblies all day long. He became blind during WWII from being a Japanese prisoner of war forced to arc weld without protective glasses. Fuller had also given their entire corn broom manufacturing equipment to a blind organization that made & sold the brooms. In front of the East Hartford plant was a large glass case with a stuffed large boar that represented the boar hair used in some of the original Fuller brushes.

Mohawk Plant in Albany, NY. Fuller had a "private label" division Charter Products that sold duplicate products under other brand names chosen by the distributor. Avard's interest in boating resulted in experiments at the plant with plastic molding of port lights (windows) for boats including full plastic hardware. The East Hartford plant contained an attached large warehouse that also served Railroad siding. The stainless steel scrubbies were made there also.

Today, the company is located near Great Bend, Kansas. The President and Chief Executive Officer is Thomas N. Hendrickson and has been since January of 2003.

Impact on the Industry
The Fuller Brush Company follows three basic ( rules, which include: Make it work, Make it last, and Guarantee it no matter what.

Fuller was the title of a comedy film in 1948 called "The Fuller Brush Man" and stared Red Skelton and Janet Blair. Another film dedicated to the company was made in 1950 titled "The Fuller Brush Girl" and stared Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert.

Discussion of Products
The Fuller Brush Company sells unique, custom-made brushes, home and business care, and personal care products. The Fuller Brush Company has over 2,000 products that are produced on a twelve acre plant.   

Some of the company’s products include:

  • Household Cleaning Aids

  • Industrial Cleaners

  • Polishes & Wax Products

  • Cotton & Synthetic Mops

  • Floor Brushes & Brooms

  • Stainless Steel Sponges

  • Twisted Wire Brushes & Swabs

  • Personal Care Brushes

  • Lotions and Fragrances

  • Hair Care Aids

  • Made-to-order Products...

  • Industrial Brushes

  • Plastics, Wood-Shaped

  • Formed Metal

  • Silk-Screened Graphics

  • Aerosols, Chemicals

Discussion of Opportunity
The Fuller Brush Company offers THE FULLER ADVANTAGE: The First Choice in Home-Based Business Information:

The Market

  • Everyone uses the products Fuller manufactures

  • Eight out of 10 adults know the Fuller ( Brushname 

  • 1% current market saturation, 99% available

  • Average family uses $50 in Fuller-type productsmonthly

  • Trends favor strong return to home-centered activities and products

  • Millions of Americans are seeking alternate and additional income stability

The Company

  • Established in 1906: trusted for integrity and quality

  • Computerized bookkeeping and genealogy reports

  • Toll-free ordering and service lines 

  • Product shipments and bonus checks sent directto your downline 

  • Full-color sales catalogs monthly 

  • Product and sales training to help your business grow 

  • Exciting recognition and awards.

The Fuller Gold Plan

  • Easy to learn and easy to teach to others

  • Earn when you retail, sponsor, or both

  • Earn immediately; discounts from 20 - 55%

  • Earn bonuses on the production of your downline

  • Five Generation pay-out to 11% on retail 

  • Leadership bonuses, vacation feature, and retirement plan to 100% 

  • Small initial investment, unlimited potential, achievement of your dreams
Representatives can earn immediate discounts. The Start-Up Kit includes a Fuller Gold Business Manual, master catalogs, sales ( brochures, and much more. The Fuller Brush Company offers its representatives an online Distributor Resource Center and Training Manual Web Sites that offer tips, advice, guidance for new distributors, training manuals, and additional information.

Discussion of Distributor Base and Sales Volume in U.S.
The Fuller Brush Company is the major employer in Barton County Kansas. There are nine independent divisions of the company that include the Cleaning Technologies Group, Fuller Brush ( Custom Products, Fuller Brush Factory Outlets, Fuller Consumer Products, Fuller Marine Products, Fuller Commercial, Masury-Columbia, Franklin Technology, and Stanley Home Products.

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