State Statutes


646.608 Unlawful business, trade practices; proof; Attorney General's rules. (1) A person engages in an unlawful practice when in the course of the person's business, vocation or occupation the person does any of the following:

(a) Passes off real estate, goods or services as those of another.



(o) In a sale, rental or other disposition of real estate, goods or services, gives or offers to give a rebate or discount or otherwise pays or offers to pay value to the customer in consideration of the customer giving to the person the names of prospective purchasers, lessees, or borrowers, or otherwise aiding the person in making a sale, lease, or loan to another person, if earning the rebate, discount or other value is contingent upon occurrence of an event subsequent to the time the customer enters into the transaction.



(r) Organizes or induces or attempts to induce membership in a pyramid club.


646.609 "Pyramid club" and "investment" defined. As used in ORS 646.608 (1)(r), "pyramid club" means a sales device whereby a person, upon condition that the person make an investment, is granted a license or right to solicit or recruit for economic gain one or more additional persons who are also granted such license or right upon condition of making an investment and who may further perpetuate the chain of persons who are granted such license or right upon such condition. "Pyramid club" also includes any such sales device which does not involve the sale or distribution of any real estate, goods or services, including but not limited to a chain letter scheme. A limitation as to the number of persons who may participate, or the presence of additional conditions affecting eligibility for such license or right to recruit or solicit or the receipt of economic gain therefrom, does not change the identity of the scheme as a pyramid club. As used herein, "investment" means any acquisition, for a consideration other than personal services, of property, tangible or intangible, and includes without limitation, franchises, business opportunities and services. It does not include sales demonstration equipment and materials furnished at cost for use in making sales and not for resale. For the purpose of ORS 646.608 (1)(r), any person who organizes or induces or attempts to induce membership in a pyramid club is acting in the course of the person's business, vocation or occupation. [1973 c.513 s.3; 1981 c.379 s.1]

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