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MLM Law: Colorado Legal Definitions

6-1-102 - Definitions.

  As used in this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

  (1) "Advertisement" includes the attempt by publication, dissemination, solicitation, or circulation, visual, oral, or written, to induce directly or indirectly any person to enter into any obligation or to acquire any title or interest in any property.

  (7) "Promoting a pyramid promotional scheme" means inducing one or more other persons to become participants, or attempting to so induce, or assisting another in promoting a pyramid promotional scheme by means of references or otherwise.

  (8) "Property" means any real or personal property, or both real and personal property, intangible property, or services.

  (9) "Pyramid promotional scheme" means any program utilizing a pyramid or chain process by which a participant in the program gives a valuable consideration in excess of fifty dollars for the opportunity or right to receive compensation or other things of value in return for inducing other persons to become participants for the purpose of gaining new participants in the program. Ordinary sales of goods or services to persons who are not purchasing in order to participate in such a scheme are not within this definition.

6-1-105 - Deceptive trade practices.

  (1) A person engages in a deceptive trade practice when, in the course of such person's business, vocation, or occupation, such person:

  (a) Knowingly passes off goods, services, or property as those of another;

  (b) Knowingly makes a false representation as to the source, sponsorship, approval, or certification of goods, services, or property;

  (p) Solicits door-to-door as a seller, unless the seller, within thirty seconds after beginning the conversation, identifies himself or herself, whom he or she represents, and the purpose of the call;

  (p.3) (I) Solicits a consumer residing in Colorado by telephone as a seller, unless the seller, within one minute after beginning the conversation, identifies himself or herself, whom he or she represents, and the purpose of the call or repeatedly causes any telephone to ring or engages any person in a telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with the intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the telephone number called.

  (II) The provisions of this paragraph (p.3) shall not apply to a telephone solicitation between a seller and a consumer if there is an existing business relationship between the seller and the consumer at the time of the telephone solicitation or if the call is initiated by the consumer.

  (q) Contrives, prepares, sets up, operates, publicizes by means of advertisements, or promotes any pyramid promotional scheme;

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