MLM Presentations: 27 Secrets to Success!

By David Klaybor
©  2004

Learn one of these simple strategies each day for a month… and you're rich!

And before we get started, even if you're a veteran, let's remind ourselves of the basics. 99% of us are here for the "residual cash-flow" factor our industry provides its professionals. We're all seeking the Passive Income that comes from the geometric growth derived from building a group.

One of the best ways to "grow a downline", is to make as many business presentations in front of the largest number of prospects you can. This is how a person like you is best able to maximize your time and potential. Thus, for most builders, MLM becomes an Events Business.

If your prospects LIKED what they witnessed from you and personally experienced satisfaction, then they will attempt to duplicate the method you used with them.

If you want to make real money in this field, you have got to tap into the Success Formula of event-dynamics.

So, you can't make any retail sales or recruit any new distributors using these events unless there is an audience listening to your presentation, right?! Therefore here are some money-making bullet-point tips you'll need to get people listening to your fascinating presentation:

  1. Set a basic goal to invite at least one person a day to the weekly/monthly company Business Presentation event… it's not necessary to set a higher goal than a realistic one-a-day… because if you get behind a few days, you can easily catch-up…and you will never get too frustrated, stress-out or pressured to keep up with your attainable goal. Learn to use the 3-foot rule, use your 100 name memory-jogger list, but whatever you do, learn to simply invite at least one person a day to your companies presentation events. In the beginning, new recruits need to think of themselves as a bird-dogs or oyster-chuckers. It's not your job to become some big-shot speaker. You don't have to be a super sales person… just learn to expose as many prospects as you can to your opportunity and funnel them into your organized professional briefing. Don't pre-judge anyone, think of it as a numbers or sorting game. Even if you screw-up, funneling just one prospect a day is over 300 a year… you can't miss building a healthy business if you only perform this duplicable simple task. ( if you invite one a day, you might get 1 to attend some weeks, and 25 to attend others…presuming you're good at the rest of these points below)
  2. Depending on the prospect, you must learn how to effectively communicate a very pro-active positive theme: your opportunity absolutely has to be exciting, fun, interesting, and/or beneficial to your client. If you can simply communicate this theme to your prospect, they're going to want to learn more about your offering… (or why else would they come?) Do you know anyone who wants to come to your house party or to a hotel meeting after a long day of work? Not normally… then we all agree… you have to create some fire. You must stimulate your prospect into being a bit excited to come…, right? Thus, you have to learn to use lots of adjectives and adverbs to describe how beautiful and inviting the hotel is (or how tasty your "spread" will be at your home… or how much fun they'll have meeting interesting upwardly-mobile entrepreneurs… or whatever it is that you can morally say to perk their curiosity.
  3. Use 3rd-party technologies to invite people to your event… this can be a physical upline person or you could use your company magazine, FOD, voice-mail, website or anything that works for you… but whatever you do, do not invite people alone. Using another person on a 3-way call for example works best.
  4. Use invitation cards, invitation email messages, voice-mail messages telling about the up-coming event, etc…… all of these ideas would help you get more prospects to your events, wouldn't they? Use any and all tools your company, upline or industry supplies. Be creative and try to "wow" your prospects with special aspects of the event (i.e. maybe you have a special guest speaker or topic this month), and show your clients that you're different than all the rest of those pesky "mlm people". Separate yourself from the pack by demonstrating your professionalism. (a good salesman likes to be sold)…
  5. Always use some kind of day-planner to take notes, store flyers and schedule follow-up calls… (why spend a ton of time, money and effort getting the person interested and then drop the ball due to using poor follow-up skills / systems) No matter what, never suggest that the Business Opportunity Briefing is going to be longer that 45-50 minutes…(unless it's one of those longer regional training type events)… I might attend your event if I knew I was getting in and out real fast, but I might not come if I thought is was going to be a long drawn-out boring meeting… (i.e. in an attempt to revive a failing church, the new minister started doing ½ hour Sunday sessions instead of the 2 hour events the veteran pastor gave… attendance and church revenues quadrupled in 4 months. Attitudes improved, special activities doubled and his popularity soared…) Shorter meetings are oftentimes more productive, better attended and more profitable than longer events. Also, a new person says to themselves, I don't have to give up so much of my free-time doing this business part time and they see themselves working your business because it fits into their schedule better.
  6. Next time you're inviting a prospect to an event… ask them if they'd like to be picked-up from their house and chauffeured to an entertaining evening out with a distinguished group of upwardly mobile entrepreneur's? Well guess who the chauffeur is… that's right, you silly. And the Limo is your finest cleaned-up motor-vehicle… Be sure to open the door for them… and leave your ego at home. Talk about THEM the whole time… their goals, dreams and aspirations…. Not yours ! Find out where they want to go on a free vacation or drive a company car or retire in 2-3 years… ask powerful questions, do not babble about you and your company and what you think they need to do in order to be successful. Let them tell you. (note: your prospects are more inclined to go if you pick them up)…
  7. Always pick as many prospects at one time as possible so everyone can ride together. Orchestrate a Sizzle Session in the car with interesting conversation that focuses on company… but on your prospects goals, dreams and aspirations… It may also be possible for you to use the "multiple sponsoring technique "whereby you suggest that the first person in the car who registers into the business with you can have all the others in the car under them !… sometimes this works to accelerate the decision-making process using the "fear-of-loss" factor along with the "the early bird gets the worm" strategy.
  8. How do you get all of your prospects launching into endless meaningful conversations?… by learning how to "ask good questions"… go to my website to read a whole article on this important topic… (when with your clients, be sure to shut your mouth and listen for clues)…
  9. Learn to: Dress for Success, but do not over-dress for the group you're with… lead by example, by do not make someone feel out of place just because they didn't dress professionally…
  10. Try not to drink alcohol at your events… and absolutely never smoke in front of the group… when is comes to making business decisions: both of these bad habits are usually a sign of weakness, not strength. You wouldn't trust a CPA, Lawyer, computer technician or boss that over-drinks. You wouldn't go to a doctor that drinks and smokes, would you? If you have to smoke, be a closet-smoker, and be sure to use a breath mint and wash your hands after each secret smoke. (being an Irish/German from Milwaukee, I learned this lesson the hard way. Don't let it cost you thousands)…
  11. All distractions are equal. Always have everyone in the room turn off their cell-phones… the presentation event should be treated just like being in church, it must be a cell-phone free zone… If you absolutely must have it on… use the vibration-mode only. And it is very disrupting to have someone talking and walking out of the room to talk to some dummy who's lost because you were to lazy to pick them up.
  12. Even with friends… never use bad language, do not talk about Religion, Sex, politics or talk bad about other mlm operations… (why lose thousands from someone who refuses to sponsor under you because you said something stupid after the event)…
  13. Always help out the host at the house party or hotel event… this is very important and Politically Correct. If you do, you will be well-liked, always welcomed into high-level leadership groups and thus, trust me, your prospects will pick this fact up by the way other distributors treat you at the event. Your prospect will always prefer to be with a leader, a winner, and people they think are worth sponsoring under… so go the extra mile and take out the garbage, set-up the product table, be a greeter or some other contributing member of the team.
  14. Strive to become a presenter/speaker team leader if you can, but it's not necessary for your success…. But it IS necessary to participate in the presentation part of the event. So, when a speaker asks a question, try to give an answer. Help the speaker by raising your hand, clapping, laughing or nodding where and when appropriate. Once the meeting has started, learn and teach your group NEVER to turn your head around to see who walked into the room. This is your all-important "show time"… do everything you can to make the event stimulating and not bland. And always help the speaker with burnt-out light bulbs, hecklers, power failures or some other unexpected occurrence that would disrupt the success of the event.
  15. Use a short company endorsed video tape for part of the meeting if you can… often times this is a great way to professionally and consistently present your opportunity. A prospect attending can readily see themselves duplicating this type of activity.
  16. Remember, the most important time you spend with your prospects will be the 15 minutes before and after the event… learn to maximize your efforts during this time by introducing your guests to others in your success group. Do NOT spend the whole time talking to them all by yourself ! Pass your clients from one leader to another person, then another, then another… (you are not the issue)…
  17.  If you want to really earn money in this industry, then learn at least one simple "closing line"… 95% of us do not know how to competently answer an objection, ask a great question or close an interested prospect at the end of the event. Here's a few to get you started, email me if you want some more: (i.e. -"can you get excited about"… -"can you see the value of"…. -"how do you know when you see a good business oppty., what do you look for"… -"will you be starting full-time, part-time, or just registering for the auto-ship program today…" etc.… )
  18. Never be late for an appointment or an event… always be 45-30 minutes early… never blame others… always at least try to donate money to the host for letting you use his/her event… (even if they're in your upline)…
  19. In an effort to promote respect for your companies products/services… learn how to physically "caress" your company products and materials. If you've ever seen a Minster, Priest or Rabbi hold a Chalice, then you know what I mean. Show reverence in the way you maneuver ALL your company items. They are the very things that make you your living. Physically demonstrate your respect for your firm, because if you throw your product around, play with your materials and poke fun at your business opportunity, you will greatly diminish your value to your prospect. (heed this warning)… Also, for all the same reasons just stated above, learn to adopt Ronald Regan's 11th Commandment… "Never Say Anything Bad About Another Republican". You must never say anything negative about any of your team mates. The way you treat others will be readily apparent to your prospect. Avoid negativism at all costs… learn to say complimentary things about everyone in your group. Stay away from forming "clicks" within your company ranks. Eventually, it will eat your organization from the inside out.
  20. Always demonstrate your products if you can… the oatmeal/enzyme test… the oil-water/ fat-blocker test… the chlorinated water/OTO test… etc… if you have a service, use a fill-in-the-blank form that demonstrates the savings you provide your clients, etc… (you get the idea)
  21. Always try to get your prospect to know a bit about the company via a brochure or website visit before they attend an event. It is also wise for your prospect to consume/use samples of your company products, if you can… this will accelerate their rate of understanding and potential commitment. (If I listened to an audio tape on why mlm is great, before I attended a briefing, I just might sign-up that night… if I just witnessed everything for the 1st time, I am less likely to take action…. Sooooo which course of action would you like to take…?)
  22. "Pre-qualifying" your prospects… you have to do it, but it's a cultivated art … Because on one hand, we're taught not to pre-judge "anyone"… yet on the other hand, you have to be realistic about spending a lot of time, money and effort on an individual who hasn't got a snowballs chance in getting in your business. Note: You're looking for:
    1- the people who know they're looking for a business oppty… and,
    2- your also looking for the people who DON'T know they're looking for a business oppty… just stay away from,
    3- the ones who are absolutely positively not interested in any business oppty. even if Jesus and Buddha endorsed your wonderful program.
  23. Always show your prospect how they can get their products at wholesale… but, the smart distributor shows their prospects how they can, (with a little sweat-equity), get their items for free. Once they understand this principal, move onto the very critical part of the presentation where you explain the amazing dynamic of geometric growth. Lead them from there into an understanding of long-term passive residual income… and you'll usually have a new distributor in your group! Prove to them that they are never held back from earning as much money as they work for….and that promotions take place automatically. Never let them go home until they DO !
  24. A- If they do not see an opportunity with you and your companies program… always get them to tell you why they didn't join with you… this is how you will sharpen your sword and become better and better over time.
    B- Again, if they didn't join with you, but perhaps they had a great time, even if they do not want to participate with you, they may just give you a few REFERRALS! But you have to ask for them. And you'll only get referrals from them IF they say to themselves: "would I want my name and reputation to be linked with the experience this person just put me through, to one of my friends/acquaintances"? Soooo, you've absolutely got to show every prospect a good time. If you don't… you're NEVER going to get referrals, if you DO, then you're "golden".
    C- Again, if they didn't join with you: make sure to put them into your email tickle-file and follow up with them one day in the future. Share with them how much you've grown since you last met… and maybe you can re-kindle an interest again. You can always pass this "lead" down to someone in your group who did join with you.
  25. Do not dilly-dally when the meeting is over... you are making lasting impressions on your prospect each second that ticks by. Ask you prospects if they see themselves working in some manner with you… neutralize objections, use your upline to help you close prospects. The theme here is… keep moving forward to an ultimate conclusion. Too many people drag the meeting out for hours and hours after it's ended. This is not a good signal to show your prospects, because you do not want them thinking that they have to give up tons of time to successfully work your program. You have plenty of extra time with your prospects on the ride home. Don't push any one into making a fast decision. Get them some samples, schedule a follow-up call… keep them in the fun zone. Remember, at the end of the event, they've got to feel enlightened, exposed and entertained. Let nature take it's course.
  26. If you're smart, try to invite the speaker or another leader to lunch so you can pick their brain and learn some secrets they know… they'll usually come if you tell them how great they are and that "you're buying". This strategy could make you tons of money and make the journey a whole lot more fun.
  27. Always use a check-list for every mission you undertake… as a former Airline Captain let me assure you, if you don't, you'll regret it. Have someone in your group make up a check list for all the important missions you have to undertake as a career professional distributor.

In Summary:

If, during your initial presentation you do a good job giving your prospect a positive introduction to 1-the industry, 2- you and 3- your business oppty. … then you are going to be shocked at how well your group builds without a lot of your constant time and attention. This is because you unknowingly taught your downline the professional correct way to introduce a prospect into the business. Right from the moment they were introduced to you and your opportunity, they were being indoctrinated into the process of duplication. Just like children often times pattern their beliefs/habits/lives after their parents beliefs/habits/lives… If your prospects LIKED what they witnessed from you and personally experienced satisfaction, then they will attempt to duplicate the method you used with them. It is said that: "First impressions are lasting ones"…. and, "You only have one chance to make a good first impression". Thus, don't screw up in the beginning, your poor job will haunt you and maybe even be your ultimate demise.

Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP... - President of a 10 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have his name on the cover of 5 books, he's been on the cover of many business publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. To get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. In NWM… Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist, Speaker, Marketing Expert... DK's tools are "Celebrity Endorsed" and have recently won an "Industry Award" for Product Excellence… Captain Dave Klaybor is President of PowerLine Systems email:

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