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Here are some video clips of Jeffrey Babener explaining the background and nuances of this business model, geared to the distributors and representatives. Multi-level marketing (MLM), Network Marketing and Direct Sales/ Direct Selling opportunities are often the source of misinformation and confusion and managing your expectations is an important part of your future success. Mr. Babener is known throughout the world as a specialist in the legal and business matters of multilevel marketing. He has advised many of the largest companies in the world and written books for and lectured to distributors throughout the world. Learn about the industry from the inside out, and maximize your chances for successful business.

Each video clip is about three minutes long and will open in a new window for your convenience. Enjoy.

  1. Profile of a MLM Law Firm
  2. Passion, Patience, Persistence.
  3. Capitalization of the MLM.
  4. Agreements Between Owners.
  5. Role of the Compensation Plan.
  6. MLM Startup Conference Agenda
  7. Choosing the Right Product
  8. Possess or Buy MLM Experience
  9. Choosing MLM Software and Technology
  10. MLM Startup Legal Issues
  11. MLM Startup Answers and Resources
  12. Recruitment Capabilities
  13. Trademark Issues
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