Network Marketing: What you should know

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Network Marketing
What you should know

Hot off the Presses. Great for your leaders, your corporate staff or your distributor kits Network Marketing: What you Should Know, only $24.95 while supplies last.

This manual is crammed with information about what you should know about network marketing and how to make it a successful business.  If you don't know about it, you can't expect to to succeed at it. 

Check out some of these article titles:

  • Why Millions are Getting Involved
  • Women and Network Marketing
  • How to Analyze Compensation Plans
  • Planning a Great Meeting
  • History of Network Marketing
  • How to Overcome Ten Common Distributor Mistakes
  • Successful Three Way Calls-Conference Calls
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Making the Best of Mail Lists
  • Taxes and the Networker
  • Incorporate Your MLM Business
  • Bonding the Recruit
  • Closing the Sale
  • Time Management
  • The FDA and Health Claims
  • The Legal Environment
This book gives you a clear understanding of the Network Marketing industry, it's history, how to find the right company, managing your business and much more.

In order to receive your copy, complete the following form and send $24.95 check or money order to Legaline Publishing, Bank of America Financial Center, 121 SW Morrison, Suite 1020, Portland, OR 97204.  This information is vital to executives of Network Marketing (MLM) companies, whether you are involved at a Start-up level or are an Emerging company ready to grow with strength. 

Check out what industry experts are saying about Jeff' new book:

I always look for the passion and the knowledge. This book has it all.

Sandy Elsberg
Author, Bread Winner Bread Baker & Trainer to Thousands of Distributors

Okay, I like it streetsmart. Jeff has written one of the best ever "how-to" books for network marketers.

Robert Butwin
Author, Streetsmart Networking & One of America's Most Successful Distributors

Great Book! The accuracy and insight of a bullseye. As our lead author, Jeff has educated and informed our readers for two decades.

Dr. Keith Laggos
Publisher, Money Maker's Monthly

This is the perfect companion for the networker. It’s packed with information, and at the same time fascination reading.

Michael Sheffield
Chairman of the MLMIA (Multilevel Marketing International Association) and leading marketing consultant.