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The lifeblood of any direct sales company is SALES and RECRUITMENT.  Building an MLM sales force is both an art and a science.  It requires personal communication, but can be enhanced with all the tools and technology now available.  Times have changed and you need the information to help you grow along with it.

In this section you will find interesting articles and links that provide helpful information for anyone that is building a Multi-Level Marketing organization, expanding or beginning a network marketing team, and determined to establish a downline.

We trust that you will enjoy reading tips and techniques for building and improving your MLM or direct selling business.

MLM Computer SoftwareMLM Presentations: 27 Secrets to Success - Making presentations is a very important part of your recruiting and marketing strategy.  Learn these tips and build your presentation style around them.  They are practiced by the successful networkers of all direct sales and multi-level marketing companies.
MLM Computer SoftwareMLM Recruiting and Communication - There are at least two schools of thought in MLM recruiting. One approach is the “numbers” game. Networkers are told to get the message, by any means, in front of as many people as possible. The message is a quick one with little regard for the recipient. Unless express interest by the recruit is demonstrated, the recruiters very loud mantra is “Next!!” At the other end of the spectrum is the “relationship” approach. This approach requires a great investment of time and emotion and aims for warm and nurturing communication that will lead to a long-term relationship. Obviously, there are many approaches in between these polar points.
MLM Software ArticlesMLM Recruiting Using Affinity Plans - There are business models that capitalize on  "system type recruiting" to locate and generate large numbers of new customers and distributors.  This article discusses how to capitalize on access to large affinity groups such as churches, schools, charities and other nonprofits. Network marketing companies use the advantage of loyalty, bonding and philanthropic motivation to promote fundraising and product promotion simultaneously.
MLM Software ArticlesMLM Recruiting Machines - Creating a recruiting machine - one that generates leads and qualifies them into an effective downline - is the goal of most successful network marketing organization builders.  There are some great ideas that have been tried and tested.  There are some great ideas that haven't been tried at all.  And, there are some ideas you should stay well away from.  Read about them in this article.

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